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Papa Louie 6: When Cupcakes Attack is the 6th platformer game in the Papa Louie platformer series. It is speculated to be the sequel to Papa Louie 5: When Hotdogs Attack! It is based on Papa's Cupcakeria.

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James and Willow are serving cupcakes to the customers. At the end of the day, Mayor Mallow is seen leaving and a strange customer comes in. After he orders his cupcakes, he strips off and is revealed to be Luau Lagy With Luau LePunch And Luau Lekarate. Timm, Lisa and Radlynn are sucked into the portal. James and Willow finally get sucked into the portal Captain Cinnamon Is Kidnnaping Cori Again and Mayor Mallow And Trishna save themselves and notice they have to rescue all the customers With Their Flipline Ufo.


Dagger Conorot

Punch Nut

Karate Nut

Ultra Nut

Boss Battles:

Cupcake Zombie(Secret Boss) Hot

The Munchmore Ufo(Final Boss 3 Part 2) Rasper's Folk

Cup-Barko(Final Boss 3 Part 1) Rasper's Member

Luau Lagy(Female Hero Final Boss) New!

Rasper(Mini Boss)

Jewy-Mind(Hero Boss) New!

Crosher Block(Mini Boss)

Monstro Junch(Defender Boss) New!

????(Female Boss) Hot

Chocojack(Boss) New!

Shogun Basher(Hero Boss)

Sugar Mella(Female Boss)

Captain Cinnamon(Boss)

Icignizzy(Semi-Female Boss)

Luau Lekarate(Female Boss)

Luau Lepunch(Boss)

Specie-Zailin(Female Hero Boss)

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No Skill -

Trishna ( Default )

Zoe ( Rescued in Sprinkle Springs )

Yui ( Rescued in Jelly Jungle )

Timm ( Rescued in Frosting Forest )

Radlynn ( Rescued in Jelly Jungle )

Yippy ( Rescued in Chocolate Canyon )

Ground Pound -

Mayor Mallow ( Default )

Rhonda ( Rescued in Frosting Forest )

Big Pauly ( Rescued in Halloween Hills )

Crystal ( Rescued in Sprinkle Springs )

Olga ( Rescued in Chocolate Canyon )

Kahuna ( Rescued in Halloween Hills )

Push -

Kenji ( Rescued in Sprinkle Springs )

Captain Cori ( Rescued in Frosting Forest )

James ( Rescued in Chocolate Canyon )

Roy ( Rescued in Jelly Jungle )

Ninjoy ( Rescued in Halloween Hills )

Stun -

Shannon ( Rescued in Lepunch's Lair )

The Story:

Chapter 1:????

Level 1:Sprinkle Springs

Rescue Zoe

Rescue Crystal

Rescue Kenji

Find All Flower Emblems

Defeat All Kupcake Kongs

Collect All Coins

Defeat Specie-Zailin

Level 2:Jelly Jungle

Rescue Radlynn

Rescue Yui

Rescue Roy

Find All Explorer Cards

Defeat All Kupcake Kongs

Collect All Coins

Defeat Jewy-Mind

Level 3:Frosting Forest

Rescue Captain Cori

Rescue Timm

Rescue Rhonda

Defeat Icignizzy

Find All Jelly Bears

Defeat All Ice Plovers

Collect All Coins

Defeat Captain Cinnamon

Level 4:Chocolate Canyon

Rescue Olga

Rescue James

Rescue Yippy

Find All Chocojack Coins

Defeat All Kupcake Kongs

Collect All Coins

Defeat Chocojack

Level 5:Halloween Hills

Rescue Ninjoy

Rescue Kahuna

Rescue Big Pauly

Reach The Horror Boss Path

Reach All Willow's Horror Paths

Defeat All Kupcake Kongs

Defeat ????

Level 6:Lepunch's Lair

Rescue Shannon

Defeat Luau Lepunch

Chapter 2:????