Papa Louie 5: When Tacos Attack is the 5th Papa Louie game and the sequel to Papa Louie 4: When Donuts Attack! The first part of the intro was released on December 19, 2015 and was released on June 29, 2016.

Sneak Peeks:

December 19 to February 12: The intro for the game, Taco Time, is posted, 1 part at a time.

February 12: The game is now revealed, but no release date has been shown.

February 16: The default character is revealed as Zoe.

February 29: Update on the current status of Mitch and Maggie.

March 10: Update on the current status of Papa Louie.

March 27: A new skill is shown: Sauce Boost, in which the characters who have this skill can put out flaming sauce, and Ember is shown to have the skill.

April 19: The main baddies are shown.

April 31: A shadowed customer is shown, who will be revealed in the very last post.

May 20: The release date will be June 29, and the shadowed customer is shown to be Santa.

June 29: The game is released!

Intro - Taco Time

Mitch and Maggie are coooking tacos for the customers. Just after Crystal gets her taco, Deano comes in as the closer and orders his taco. After ' Deano ' gets his taco, he takes all of his clothing off and is revealed to be Croep Mostorn. The real Deano tries to strangle Carllex,s Munchmore Drill! but gets thrown into the portal, then Crystal, Iggy and Julep get sucked in as well. Zoe tries to stop getting sucked in but finally gets sucked in just after Mitch, Maggie and Papa Louie get sucked in off-screen and Foot-Lander Too! Its Up! to Quinn With Her Flipline Drill To Save More Customers In The Underworld Of Munchmore.


Tomato Knight

Tomato Prince

Tomato Soldier


Devil Taco

Saytan Taco




Warrior Paprin(Female)

Rost Parin(Minion)

Teen Rost Parin(Minion)

Baby Rost Parin(Mini Minion)

Boss Battles:

Tango Rocx(Final Boss x) Rasper,s Member

Carllex(Short Final Boss 2)

Croep Mostorn(Final Boss)

Rasper(Mini Boss)

Cracker Block(Mini Boss)

The Papricans(Mini Boss Red.Green/Female Mini Boss Yellow) New!

Steak Satan(Defender Boss) New!

Sting(Defender Boss)

The Tomato King(Boss) New!

Toast The Tosta(Boss)

More Coming Soon.


No Skill

The customer has no skill. Is used by Zoe, Iggy, Mitch, Maggie, Clover, Sienna and Olivia.


The customer can use his/her weapon to smash hard shell gates. Is used by Johnny, Deano, Pinch Hitwell, Wendy, Trishna and Quinn.

Ground Pound

The character can break hard shells built into the ground. Is used by Xolo, Crystal, Santa, Big Pauly, Kingsley and Rico.


The character can use his/her weapon to whip an enemy. Is used by Jojo, Mayor Mallow, Lisa, Skyler and Hacky Zak.


The customer can push heavy boulders. Is used by Kenji, Captain Cori, James and Kent.


The customer can use his/her weapon to glide. Is used by Foodini, Papa Louie, Yui, Boomer, Professor Fitz, Xandra, Willow and Hope.


The customer can crawl under small areas. Is used by Julep, Georgito, Yippy and Little Edoardo.

Wall Jump

The customer can jump from wall to wall. Is used by Rudy, Sarge Fan!, Ninjoy, Penny and Radlynn.

Sauce Boost

The customer can put out flaming sauce with his/her weapon. Is used by Ember, Nevada and Utah.

Double Jump

The customer can jump higher than others. Is used by Scooter, Scarlett and Connor.


Name Gender Skill Rescued at Weapon Debut

Zoe Female N/A Default Guitar Papa's Taco Mia!

Iggy Male N/A Level 5 Alien Comic Book Papa's Donuteria

Mitch Male N/A Level 15 Spatula Papa Louie

Maggie Female N/A Level 15 Spatula Papa Louie

Clover Female N/A Level 2 Drumsticks Papa's Pizzeria

Sienna Female N/A Level 13 Turkey Papa's Pastaria

Olivia Female N/A Level 9 Party Sub Eyes Papa's Pastaria

Johnny Male Smash Level 4 Axe Papa's Pancakeria

Deano Male Smash Level 12 Gondola Oar Papa's Pastaria

Pinch Hitwell Male Smash Level 7 Baseball Bat Papa's Hot Doggeria

Wendy Female Smash Level 1 Spanner Papa's Pancakeria

Trishna Female Smash Level 13 Tangerine Pop Crate Papa's Cupcakeria

Quinn Female Smash Level 14 Court Hammer Papa's Taco Mia!

Xolo Male Ground Pound X Zone Creameos Papa's Wingeria

Crystal Female Ground Pound Level 13 Crystal Ball Papa's Pastaria

Santa Male Ground Pound Level 14 Present Papa's Cupcakeria

Big Pauly Male Ground Pound Level 1 Pepper Bomb Papa Louie

Kingsley Male Ground Pound Level 4 Microphone Papa's Pizzeria

Rico Male Ground Pound Level 8 Chilli Bomb Papa's Taco Mia!

Jojo Male Whip Level 14 Blue Ribbon Papa's Taco Mia!

Mayor Mallow Male Whip Level 6 Mayor Ribbon Papa's Cupcakeria

Lisa Female Whip Level 1 Checkered Cloth Papa's Burgeria

Skyler Female Whip Level 3 Steampunk Cloth Papa's Wingeria

Hacky Zak Male Whip Level 12 Hippie Beanie Papa's Donuteria

Kenji Male Push Level 10 Medal Papa's Hot Doggeria

Captain Cori Female Push Level 11 Anchor Papa's Freezeria

James Male Push Level 10 Toilet Plunger Papa Louie

Kent Male Push Level 9 Sunglasses Papa Louie

Foodini Male Glide Level 6 Balloons Papa's Pancakeria

Papa Louie Male Glide Level 15 Pizza Paddle/Beach Umbrella Papa Louie

Yui Female Glide Level 3 Crossbow Papa Louie 3

Boomer Female Glide Level 7 Roman Candle Papa's Wingeria

Professor Fitz Male Glide Level 10 Potion Papa's Wingeria

Xandra Female Glide X-Zone X-Wand Papa's Taco Mia!

Willow Female Glide Level 12 Bat Papa's Hot Doggeria

Hope Female Glide Level 12 Jacket Papa's Pastaria

Julep Female Glide Level 9 Mint Leaf Papa's Donuteria