Papa Louie 5: When Hotdogs Attack is the 5th platformer game in the Papa Louie platformer series. It is speculated to be the sequel to Papa's Sushiria and will be released in 31st March, 2017 just like the premiere of The Boss Baby


Taylor wakes up in an average Saturday morning. He gets dresses, gets in his car and drives to Peggy's house. and Taylor and Peggy drive to Griller Stadium, where everyone is waiting for a hot dog. The first customer is Mayor Tomato, But Taylor hates Mayor Tomato, so he takes off his clothes and Manny, Kent, Ember, Connor, Roy, Alyssa and Peggy hit him, A Warp key gets flicked in the outside of the stadium and is revealed to be Croep Monstorn, Hotdog Demon, and a giant Awesome Sauce UFO in the sky. Ember, Manny and Hank are seen getting sucked into the cyan  portal while Papa Louie is staying far away as possible from the portal. Taylor with no clothes on, Peggy, Kent, Manny, Connor, Roy, Alyssa and Papa Louie finally get sucked in the cyan portal. Kent is the last customer to get sucked in the Cyan portal and he realises he has to save all of the customers and to stop the UFO.


Hotdog Baseball, Creop Monstorn [Boss on fourth level] Popcorn Slider, Flying Baseball Bat, Burple Purple Mister [Boss on eight level] Papa's Ballpark, Mustard Sliders, Baseball Team Logos, Dr.Cherry Gulps, Hyper Green Gulps, Citrus Gulps

Purple Burple, Tangerine Pop, Diet Fizzo, Lemon Mist, Chicago bun


Ground Pound - Can beat the Cracker Block and defeat the baddies. Used by Crystal, Mayor Mallow, Kingsley, Big Pauly, Olga, Rico, Bertha and Kahuna.

Crawling- Can crawl into small gaps. Is used by Julep, Georgito and Yippy.

Double Jump- Can jump higher. Is used by Connor, Manny, Scooter, Alyssa, Charlie, Kaitlyn, Peggy and Ember.

Dashing- Can dash through cracker blocks. Is used by Taylor, Akari, Gino Romano, Bruna Romano, Carlo Romano, Edorado Romano, Scarlett, Timm, and Hugo.

Gliding- Uses an item to glide. Is used by Papa Louie, Peggy, Prof. Fitz, Boomer, Hacky Zak, Foodini, Utah, Iggy and Willow.

Swim Boost - Can swim boost when in water. Is used Sarge Fan,  Penny, Chester, Utah, Nick and Gremmie

N/A- Has no power. Is used by Kent, Yui, Joy, Roy, Lisa, Hank, Rudy, Sienna, Zoe, Cooper, Prudence, Pinch Hitwell, Trishna, Johnny, Doan, Cori, Sue, Tony and Matt.

Level 1: Bun Landing

  • Rescue Lisa
  • Rescue Bruna Romano
  • Rescue Johnny ( needs Double Jump )
  • Collect 100 Coins
  • Collect 5 Lemon Mist Coins ( needs Ground Pound )
  • Defeat 6 Bunbaddies ( needs Crawling  )
  • Rescue James

Level 2: Cheese Cottages

  • Rescue Scooter
  • Rescue Crystal ( needs Double Jump )
  • Rescue Kaitlyn ( needs Ground Pound )
  • Defeat Chowser
  • Collect 100 Coins ( needs Swim Boost)
  • Collect 5 Cheese Coins ( needs Gliding )
  • Defeat 8 Bunbaddies
  • Collect 100 points

Level 3: Hyper Green House

  • Rescue Julep
  • Rescue Doan ( needs Crawling )
  • Collect 100 Coins ( needs Crawling )
  • Collect 5 Hyper Green coins ( needs Gliding )
  • Defeat 4 Bunbaddies ( needs Swim Boost  )

Level 4: Butter Benches

  • Rescue Olga
  • Rescue Mayor Tomato ( needs Dashing )
  • Defeat Creop Monstorn
  • Rescue Penny
  • Rescue Georgito ( needs Swim Boost )

Level 5: Dr Cherry Castle

  • Rescue Alyssa
  • Rescue Akari (needs Double Jump)
  • Collect 5 Dr. Cherry Coins (needs Ground Pound)
  • Defeat Hotdog Demon
  • Rescue Manny

Level 6: Cinnamon Swirl Zone

  • Rescue Little Eduardo
  • Rescue Johnny (needs Ground Pound)
  • Defeat Captain Cinnamon
  • Find all 5 Sodas (needs Dashing)
  • Rescue Akari (needs Gliding)

Level 7: Tangerine Pop Lands

  • Rescue Charlie
  • Rescue Hugo (needs Double Jump)
  • Collect 5 Tangerine Pop Coins (needs Gliding)
  • Defeat Taco-Taker
  • Defeat 6 BunBaddies (needs Crawling)

Level 8:Soda Lands

Unreveal the plan of Side-Icer to find secretary

Escape Burple Purple Mister to Rescue Papa Louie

Rescue Peggy

Rescue Taylor [needs gliding]

Ending:Kent rescues everyone and he and the customers that he rescued got VIP season tickets which are like golden tickets and they get free hotdogs forever!