Papa Louie 4: When Pancakes Attack! is an platformer game and the sequel to Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!


A simple day Prudence, Cooper and Custom Player wake up and go to their work in Papa's Pancakeria. Their first customer is MapleMonday! That wants rampage on Maple Mountain with the help of his maple army, 3 other villains and an endless army of Flapstacks! He opens his yellow portals to the Land of Munchmore! Can Prudence, Cooper and your own Custom Player save the day?


  • MapleMonday (Level 10)
  • Luau LeKarate (Level 9)
  • Captain Cinnamon (Level 6)
  • Honey Buster (Level 3)


Ground Pound - Crystal, Big Pauly, Kingsley, Rico, Kahuna, Olga, Foodini, Santa, Gino Romano, Vicky, Mayor Mallow, Xolo, Bertha

Double Jump - Connor, Scooter, Peggy, Rudy, Ninjoy, Jojo

Gliding -

Levels And Missions

Coming Soon.


  • This is the first game where MapleMonday is the main boss instead of Radley Madish since PL2 and PL3.