Papa Louie 4: When Papa Louie Attacks

(often shortened to PL4 or WCA) is the fourth installment in the ever-popular Papa Louie plat former series, and the sequel to Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!And also we don`t know when it is gonna to be available so Bye . ( AND YOU CANT KILL ME CRAZY GUY)


Oh noes! That mad scientist Radley Madish is back AGAIN! Doesn't he know when to quit? Apparently not! So what is the villainous veggie up to this time? Radley, Luau Lepunch, and some new henchmen of Radley's have broken into Papa's Cupcakeria and turned all the cupcakes into Kupcake Kongs overnight! The next morning, Kupcake Kongs are rampaging all throughout Frostfield and kidnapping people right out of their homes! And for the third time, Radley has captured Papa Louie and is holding him hostage in the dangerous food dystopia of Munchmore. Seriously, you'd think he'd come up with a different plan by now! Jeez! But anyways, the only two people who evaded capture were James and Willow. It's up to them to brave the dangers that await them in Munchmore and save Papa Louie along with the rest of their friends!


people get hipnotized in this fun filled gameWe open on the Cupcakeria at closing time. Big Pauly is seen leaving the building, stuffing his face with an unusually large cupcake. After Big Pauly is gone, James goes up to the window and flips the sign to "Closed." James opens the door and holds it for Willow so she can leave first, but he gets no response, to James's vague disappointment. James and Willow get in their cars and drive home. Later, though, a strange blue light appears in the Cupcakeria. The light opens up into a portal, and then Radley Madish appears! He laughs evilly, and then heads to the Baking Station. There, he takes out a beaker full of some glowing pink ooze and pours it on some cupcakes. The next morning, Big Pauly appears at the Cupcakeria, eager to chow down on a breakfast cupcake. But then a Kupcake Kong smashes through the doors, and Big Pauly screams! As he runs down the road and the Kupcake Kong chases him, it's shown that there are Kupcake Kongs all over Frostfield! They're breaking into the homes of all of Papa Louie's customers, grabbing them with their huge pink frosting hands, and carrying them across the town towards the Cupcakeria, where the customers mysteriously vanish... Later, James and Willow arrive at the Cupcakeria. They are both visibly worried when they get out of their cars, as they had noticed that everybody seemed to be missing and the town is wrecked. They get even more nervous when they see the state of the Cupcakeria, as it had been trashed by countless Kupcake Kongs. James goes inside the building holding out his toilet plunger (why does he bring that to work with him, anyway?). He bends down and picks up what looks like a coin, and recognition flashes across his face when he realizes it is a Warp Key. Suddenly, a Kupcake Kong jumps out from behind the counter and startles James, causing him to drop the Warp Key. The Warp Key lights up and opens up a portal, and James, Willow, and the Kupcake Kong are pulled in!

Worlds and Levels

World 1: LePunch Colosseum

  • Stage 1: The Beginners' Ring (Tutorial Stage)
  • Stage 2: Coconut Crackdown (Boss: None)
  • Stage 3: Luau LePunch Returns (Boss: Luau LePunch)

World 2: Fizzo Falls

  • Stage 4: Root Beer Rapids (Boss: Sarge)
  • Stage 5: Lemon Mist Gorge (Boss: soda can lord)
  • Stage 6: Body Avengers! (Boss: the burgle avenger)

World 3: Rock Candy Mines

  • Stage 7: Time to Mine (Boss: lollipop miner)
  • Stage 8: Deeper Into the Mines (Boss: gummi caveman)
  • Stage 9: The Candy Catacombs (Boss: rock tank)

World 4: Batter Lab

  • Stage 10: Welcome to the Batter Lab (Boss: chocolate scientist)
  • Stage 11: Experiments Gone Wrong (Boss: croissant monster)
  • Stage 12: The Mad Batter's Lair (Boss: mad batter)

World 5: Choco Forest

  • Stage 13: White-Chocolate Pine Path (Boss: peanut-butter-pine-tree)
  • Stage 14: Truffle Tree Way (Boss: frosting blob)
  • Stage 15: Heeeeeere's Chocky! (Boss: chocky)

World 6: Syrup Sea

  • Stage 16: Syrupy Shore (Boss: gummi crab)
  • Stage 17: Drizzle Riptide (Boss: orange soda King)
  • Stage 18: Storm at Sea (Boss: Kolossal Kraken)

World 7: Cotton Candy Clouds

  • Stage 19: Head in the Clouds (Boss: sugar virus)
  • Stage 20: Can't watch Sky High )Boss: cotton clump)
  • Stage 21: Cotton Candy Wishes (Boss: cotton candy general)

World 8: Frosting Fortress

  • Stage 22: Storming the Fortress (Boss: onion guardian)
  • Stage 23: Radishes! (Boss: radishe bodyguard)
  • Stage 24: Radley's BBQ Temple (Boss: Radley Madish)

World X: The X-Zone

  • Stage X: The X-tremely Difficult Stage (Boss: demented sarge)


Rock Candy

  • Blue Rock: This tiny rock candy bit wanders aimlessly around the land, hoping to get in the way of any intruders but can easily be avoided. You can either attack him to end his meaningless existence or just let him walk into a pit of Purple Burple or something.
  • Pink Rock: Pink Rocks are more cautious of their surroundings. They'd rather not drown in any soft drink, so whenever a Pink Rock comes to the edge of a platform he turns around and walks the other way. Still pretty easy to avoid.
  • Rock Trooper: Rock Troopers come better prepared than their cousins and don shiny metal helmets that are guaranteed to repel any attacks from above. Try to jump on one, and he'll just tuck into his helmet and run faster.
  • Rock Kaiser: The Rock Kaiser's helmet has sharp spikes! Jumping on one is a definite no!
  • Rock Golem: These towering giants are much harder to defeat than those wimpy rock candy bits. The Rock Golem's tall, slender stature and rock-like composition renders him impervious to any and all side attacks. The only method of hurting him at all is jumping on him from above, after which the Rock Golem will be reduced to about half his size and can be defeated by any form of attack.
  • Rock Turret: Rock Turrets shoot shards of rock candy that can really hurt! The turret's shell is made from a space-age material, so the only way to destroy one is by using your weapon to knock a shard back at it! KA-BOOM!


  • Gummy Onion: Not much of a threat. It just sits there and jumps in place once in a while.
  • Gobstopper Onion: When a Gobstopper Onion notices a potential attacker, he rolls after them and knocks them down like a bowling pin! But the problem is, the Gobstopper can't change direction once he gets rolling, and should he crash into a wall he'll be stunned and vulnerable to an attack!
  • Frosted Onion: Frosted Onions are able to fly using their extremely long gummy stems as propellers. When a Frosted Onion sees someone he doesn't like, he’ll fly after them.  When the target is directly above, the Frosted Onion slams his body onto the ground.  This, however, can leave the Frosted Onion vulnerable if the attack fails.
  • Rainbow Onion: Ever since Sergeant Sarge got fired, all of the Onions who couldn't disguise themselves by becoming candies were exiled by Radley into the X-Zone. These Onions got a taste of the Flavor X Drizzle there and it's had some bizarre effects on them! Rainbow Onions move a lot quicker than normal ones, they can hurt you if you jump on them, and they kill other baddies for some reason!


  • Lolli Wheel: Take a lollipop and take away its stick, and you got a Lolli Wheel. These annoying things climb around the edges of platforms and can be pretty tricky to avoid. And to top that off, they even make troll faces at you!
  • Lollibop: These candy-coated creeps walk around carrying big lollipop hammers. Get too close to one, and he'll whack you with his lollipop!


  • Choco Cake: One day a guy was walking through a narrow corridor when he saw what looked like a square-shaped piece of chocolate cake right above him. The guy stood directly under the cake and looked up at it, wondering how a piece of cake got stuck on the ceiling. Then the cake fell, crushed the guy, and grinned sadistically. The moral of the story is: Never stand directly under a Choco Cake or he'll crush you!
  • Vanilla Cake: Basically the same as the Choco Cake, except the Vanilla Cake slides left and right rather than falling and rising.
  • Zebra Cake: Is it vanilla with chocolate stripes, or chocolate with vanilla stripes? Either way, the Zebra Cake combines the behaviors of both Vanilla and Choco Cakes. In other words, it can move left and right AND up and down, so it can follow you around!


  • Burple Tanker: This guy is armed with a huge spray gun loaded with Purple Burple. Should anyone get in his way, he'll unleash a barrage of Purple Burple from his gun!
  • Burple Bomber: These guys are stationary but they throw cans of highly explosive Purple Burple!
  • Burple-mobile: Burple-mobiles slide recklessly through the troubled lands of Munchmore. Powered by about 150 fluid ounces of super sugary Purple Burple, these vehicular villains can drive at ludicrous speeds--they can even ride over the surface of water! But should the Burple-mobile crash into a stationary object, like walls or a customer's weapon, the ride's over! But the rider's not through yet...
  • Burple Rider: The guy riding the Burple-mobile. If you manage to knock him off the vehicle, he'll be visibly irritated that you ruined his ride and start chasing after you. While Burple Riders can run really fast, they're just as terrible as making sharp turns as their vehicles, so a good way to defeat one is to jump over him, let him trip over himself as he tries to turn around, and knock him out before he can recover!
  • Burple Blimp: Oh great, the Burples have blimps! Armed with Purple Burple Drizzle guns, these blimps carelessly fire blobs of the drizzle as they fly overhead.
  • Burple Sub: Despite its name, the Burple Sub is great for traveling sub-aquatically in almost any kind of liquid--water, fruit punch, Fizzo, you name it! It's also loaded with Burple torpedoes and is covered in a rock-solid hull that can only be breached by the Swim Boost ability.


  • Banana Pants: Do they have ADHD?  The Banana Pants jumps merrily wherever he goes.  He also wears pants for whatever reason.
  • Scubanana: Scubananas spend their days swimming up and down, floating over the same spot under the water.  But don’t they have to come up for air at some point?


  • Angry Lemon: Watch out, these Lemons are angry! If you get in an Angry Lemon's way, he'll get mad and run faster until you're out of his path.
  • Lemonshooter: Lemonshooters prefer solitude and like to hide out in bushes. When unwanted visitors are close by, they tend to get disgruntled and spit lemon juice through soda straws to make them go away.


  • Cherry Bomb: These cherries are not sweet at all!  If you attack one of these furious fruits, he’ll feverishly chase after you until he finally explodes (which takes about 6 seconds).  And watch out, the explosion is REALLY powerful!
  • Cordial Bomb: Chocolate-covered cherries.  What could be better?  Maybe if the cherries didn’t explode, and the chocolate wasn’t a protective armor!  The armor takes three hits to destroy.
  • Cherry Mine: The cherry equivalent of a sea mine.  Cherry Mines don’t actively chase you while they float in the water, but their explosions are just as big!  Those balloons are pretty touchy...wouldn’t want them to pop!


  • Mallow Man: Mallow Men like to travel in stacks as they slowly slide around the land.  They can be in stacks that range from a diminutive 2, up to a towering 6 (although the X-Zone is home to a colossal 18!!!)!  Mallow Men don’t like to be alone; if you whittle a Mallow Man stack down to one, the lone marshmallow will become frantic and start moving faster (which is still not that fast).  Also, Mallow Men like wearing clothes that make them look like one big man.
  • Mallow Marshal: Mallow Marshals are able to summon Mallow Men when they spot an intruder.

Berry Puffs

  • Blackberry Puff: A cluster of tiny bluish berries under the water.  They’re not so tough…until you get too close, then they puff up and grow thorns until you back off!  And they’re indestructible, too.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…
  • Raspberry Puff: Luckily, these pink berries don’t always puff up when you get close.  They inflate and deflate in a rhythmic pattern at certain times, regardless of how close you are to them.  This gives you a chance to slip past.
  • Cloudberry Puff: An orange version of a Blackberry Puff that lives on the land.  ‘Nuff said.

Fruit Fish

  • Mangoby: Mango fish…is it a fruit or a fish?  Whatever they are, Mangobies really like swimming in a zigzag pattern.  They’re always smiling, even when they happen to injure a customer.  THEY’RE SADISTS!!!!!!
  • Gummeel: Gummeels are colorful creatures but not very showy.  They just swim back and forth in a straight line.  Booo-RING!
  • Kiwi Gulper: Look out!  These fish are huge, and so are their appetites!  Anything smaller than them, Kiwi Gulpers will swallow whole!  If you see one charging your way, swim away fast or kill it!

Gummy Krakens

  • Blueberry Kraken: Blueberry Krakens normally float lazily in one spot, but when they spot prey, they chase after it by propelling themselves with their tentacles to "hop" underwater.
  • Burple Kraken: Burple Krakens are chewy on the outside, but they're filled with Purple Burple Drizzle on the inside! They're able to shoot Purple Burple "ink" at anyone who dares disturb them as they float lazily.
  • Blackberry Kraken: Blackberry Krakens are able to live on land. They're also much stronger than the rest of the Gummy Krakens. It's because of these two facts that Blackberry Krakens are seen hiding out in crow's nests high above ground, and their method of attack is dropping anchors on pesky customers.
  • Gum Cannon: Manned by a Blueberry Kraken, Gum Cannons fire gumballs that roll across the ground. While the Gum Cannon itself can't be destroyed, taking out the Kraken will cause it to cease firing.
  • Frosted Kraken: These Krakens like to hide out in pools of frosting quicksand. They jump straight out of their hiding spots from time to time to make sure no customers try to jump over them.


  • Sumo Nut: This oversized coconut attacks in the only way he possibly can: trying to jump on customers.
  • Punch Nut: This coconut is equipped with the same gummy boxing gloves that Luau LePunch uses, so it is able to attack with a powerful right hook.
  • Karate Nut: Armed with karate gloves, the Karate Nut will chase after you and try to subdue you with a karate chop! Luckily, he gets stunned for a few seconds if he misses...


  • Creameo Boulder: Take a normal rolling rock of death, turn it into a cookie, and you got a Creameo Boulder. These giant cookies definitely won’t fit in your glass of milk!
  • Chocolate Chip Boulder: Just like a Creameo Boulder except it's a chocolate chip cookie. Also, when you destroy one, it breaks down into tiny pieces (see Chip Bits).
  • Chip Bit: Destroy a Chocolate Chip Boulder, and it crumbles into three of these. Chip Bits, since they can't roll, instead hop around aimlessly. Fairly simple to avoid.


  • Frostling: Frostlings are tiny blobs of frosting that slide back and forth over the same area. Easy to defeat but SO annoying!
  • Frostling Machine: This crazy contraption will infinitely summon more Frostlings once you defeat the ones in the area. The only way to disable a Frostling Machine is to jump on the big red button on top of the machine. Be careful, though, pushing that button will cause the machine to self-destruct after three seconds!


  • Choco Mint: These interesting chocolate/plant hybrids have voracious appetites.  The only problem is they’re too lazy to find their food.  As you approach, a Choco Mint will just sit in one spot and expect you to run into it.  At least they’re trying…
  • Choco Coin: The Choco Coin swings carelessly from a string, oblivious to anything that comes near him. Sounds like our old friend Cheddar Mack, no?
  • Choco Bar: Like the Rock Golem, the Choco Bar cannot be affected by any side attacks. However, the Choco Bar is also immune to being jumped on! You can only defeat one after he performs his attack, which is to fall flat on his face in an attempt to crush you, after which you can jump on him. But then he'll break into three Choco Chips...
  • Choco Chunk: Basically a tiny version of a Choco Bar. When a Choco Chunk tries to attack, once he hits the ground, he'll immediately disintegrate! What a wimp!
  • Choco Chip: Once a Choco Bar is defeated, he turns into three Choco Chips. While they are tiny, Choco Chips can run really quickly and can jump as they try to chase you!
  • Choco Star: Chocolate Stars spin at very high speeds and can be stationary or move in various patterns like straight lines or in circles. But you definitely don't want to bump into one either way.

Cotton Candy

  • Cotton Wisp: Cotton Wisps drift through the air in whichever direction the wind blows them.
  • Cotton Specter: Cotton Specters can shoot little balls of cotton candy at you, and then teleport to a new location to shoot at you again.
  • Cotton Breeze: Cotton Breezes are capable of blowing so hard that they can push you away, which is why they're normally placed near bottomless pits.
  • Cotton Vortex: The opposite of a Cotton Breeze, the Cotton Vortex will inhale deeply to try to suck you in! If he gets you inside his mouth, he'll chew on you for a little bit, spit you out (taking away one heart in the process), and laugh at you.
  • Cotton Monsoon: The Cotton Monsoon will hover above you and follow you around as he tries to hit you with a bolt of lightning.


  • Dream Missile: The half-eaten popsicles are out for revenge!  Under the water, you may encounter some orange popsicles swimming a couple mph above the speed limit (LOL, joke).  If you hit them, they’ll explode!  Unless you have a customer with Swim Boost, your best course of action when dealing with Dream Missiles is to swim away fast.
  • Powseeker: These red-white-and-blue pops pack a lot of flavor and explosion…and they’re itching to share it with you!  When a Powseeker catches sight of you, it’ll chase after you.  If you have a customer with Swim Boost, then stop crying and ram it out of town!  If not, swim away as fast as possible until you reach dry, safe land or until the Powseeker stupidly swims into a wall and explodes.


  • Radish: As a last resort to stop you from rescuing Papa Louie’s customers, Radley Madish will send his own Radish children after you.  Radishes hide underground until you get close to them, when they pop out and crawl towards you with demented smiles.  Fortunately, they can’t move very fast.  Other variants, however, attack in different ways…
  • Laddish: Laddishes get their name from their strange fondness of ladders.  They cling to the ladders and climb up and down them, which can prove annoying when you’re trying to climb the ladders.  The solution?  Knock the Laddishes off your ladders!
  • Pararadish: Pararadishes slowly float down from the sky with parachutes.  Once they reach the ground they lose the parachutes and come after you.  Because the Pararadish’s roots are shorter than a normal Radish, it moves by jumping instead of crawling.
  • Scuba Radish: Oh, man!  The Radishes have learned to swim! Luckily, Scuba Radishes are just as liable to goofing off as their land-dwelling cousins, and they simply swim around aimlessly.
  • Army Radish: Radley got tired of his Radishes constantly joking around and not stopping the customers, so he tried to discipline them through rigorous training. Not every Radish made it through the program, but the ones who did became Radley's greatest and most dangerous minion ever. Army Radishes are armed with bazookas that launch radish-shaped homing missiles as well as radish grenades. Their army helmets also protect them from jumping attacks, so jumping on an Army Radish won't stun it.


  • Jellyback: Actually, they’re not exactly baddies.  They don’t even hurt you (and you can’t hurt them); they actually help you traverse the levels of Munchmore!  Jellybacks have big bulbs on their backs that let you bounce really high!
  • Jellyblurp: The underwater ancestor of the Jellyback.  Some of the Jellyblurps crawled out onto the shores of Gummy Grotto thousands of years ago, probably to escape predators.  It’s no wonder these guys are such easy catches because all they do is float and deflect things with their bouncy, jelly-filled bodies.
  • Jellybuzzy: It looks like the Jellybacks have learned to fly! Can be useful for crossing huge gaps!


  • Kupcake Kong: The main enemy of the game, the Kupcake Kong is the successor to the Pizza Monster, Burgerzilla, and Sundaesaurus as Radley's newest mutant creation. The monstrous creature lumbers around aimlessly, and when you get close to one, he'll raise his fists and slam them down, which creates a shockwave! Timing is crucial for defeating Kupcake Kongs, as the only time you can hurt one with an attack is when he raises his fists. Attacking him at that time knocks him over. You then have to hit the Kupcake Kong three times while he's down to finish him off, but be careful--when you topple a Kupcake Kong, he randomly spits blobs of frosting into the air as a last defense!
  • Cupcake Guard: A cupcake with a spear. He patrols a small patch of land and viciously defends his territory with a variety of melee attacks.
  • Cupcake Ninja: Masters of stealth, Cupcake Ninjas hide on ceilings and wait patiently for their target to approach. When the target is directly below, they drop down and try to dive-bomb them! If a Cupcake Ninja misses his mark, he'll keep running towards his target.
  • Batter Doctor: These are the Mad Batter's top scientists. They wear high-tech helmets that can generate short-lived electrified force fields that deflect all weapons and can injure you on contact.


  • Pina Coolada: These pompous pineapples used to walk around aimlessly, but now they think they're too cool for that and just stand around doing nothing.
  • Nutty Butter: Peanut butter on the inside, and on the outside is chocolate and…propeller?  Nutty Butters are peanut butter and chocolate candies who enjoy hovering up and down over one spot.  They really are nutty!  To get rid of one of these, attack him once to knock him out of the sky, and while he’s stunned, hit him again!
  • Strawbuzzy: Who ever thought such a sweet fruit could be so pesky?  Strawbuzzies fly high above the ground in a zigzag pattern, never stopping, as though they had some sort of unlimited source of energy (a really sugary one).  But should you attack a Strawbuzzy, it will lose its wings, fall to the ground, and begin to hop helplessly along the ground where you can finish the job.
  • Hucklebat: You know what they say, let sleeping bats lie!  Especially these batty berry baddies.  Normally, you can find a Hucklebat sleeping peacefully on the ceiling.  But get too close, and he’ll wake up and start flying after you!
  • Watermelon: Behold the very first amphibious baddie in the history of Papa Louie! Watermelons will chase the customers at a moderately quick pace. But what if you try to avoid one by jumping into the water? Then he'll jump in and swim after you!
  • Pretzel Player: The Pretzel Player has mad skills at baseball. Because all the famous baseball teams rejected him due to his being a living pretzel, the Pretzel Player has decided to use his talent for evil, and now spends his days whacking baseballs at people who challenge his awesomeness.
  • Candy Rocket-Launcher: These little buggers can appear on floors, walls, ceilings, pretty much anywhere. They can fire highly explosive candy rockets, so always approach these with caution!
  • Bad Egg: These mischievous candy eggs carry small guns that fire melted chocolate which can glue customers to the floor. They're notorious for leaving customers vulnerable to more dangerous baddies.
  • Hungry Pumpkin: "I'm very hungry! Give me the customer!" Watch out, these carnivorous candies have cravings for customers! They will aggressively jump towards any tasty-looking customer and try to bite them!
  • Candy Corn: Just like a stalactite, Candy Corns hang from ceilings. That is, until you walk under one and it falls to try to crush you! But they break once they hit the ground.
  • Wrappersnap: Even the wrappers have turned against us! Wrappersnaps are strange plant/cupcake wrapper hybrids that grow out from the walls. They're constantly looking for something to munch on and will chomp on anything that's close enough. Take them out from a safe distance.
  • Stacherang: These guys throw boomerangs that are made from sprinkles that look exactly like Papa Louie's mustache!
  • X-Drizzler: Be extremely careful when facing an X-Drizzler! He's armed with a Flavor X Drizzle Gun and can shoot big blobs of Flavor X! Should the X-Drizzler miss his mark, the Flavor X Drizzle will spread into a puddle. The puddle can still hurt you if you step in it!
  • Xandroid: After having kidnapped the X-Twins three times, Radley became increasingly interested in the power of their X-Wands. Once he unlocked the secret to their power, he realized he could use that power against the X-Twins' friends if they tried to rescue them from the X-Zone. So, he built an army of robots modeled after Xandra, each one equipped with her own X-Wand. These Xandroids are surprisingly lifelike and look very similar to Xandra, but you can identify them by the radish symbol on their shirts whereas the real Xandra has the letter X on her shirt. Having the same X-Wand as the X-Twins, the Xandroids can fire three lasers at a time as well as whack their foes with the wands. They're also able to fly. According to Radley's diary, he had planned to make Xolodroids as well but a monstrous Onion broke into his lab and sabotaged the production...
  • First Mate Splasberry: This guy isn't exactly a Baddie since he seems to have the customers' safety in mind, but then he is Kolossal Kraken's first mate, so... Anyways, this beefy gummy bear stands guard by the door to Kolossal Kraken's chamber all day, and does not allow anyone who doesn't have the Swim Boost ability to enter. If the customer you're playing as doesn't have Swim Boost, Splashberry will force you to go back to the level selection screen, choose a customer with Swim Boost, and respawn from the Checkpoint Flower just outside the door.


Luau LePunch: after being defeated once , he set up a colosseum to continue his boxing job and keep close watch over six customers.

Sarge :he's out for revenge!!!

Rock tank:basically a mobile version of a rock turrent ,it patrols the candy catacombs looking for any intruders.

the burple avenger:protector of the purple, defender of the burple, it's the burple avenger!!!don't go near this guy!!!!!!

the mad batter: radley madish is'nt the only mad scientist around!why he's so angry, nobody knows,but if you ask, he will trample you!!!!

chocky:this oversized chocobar just happens to be a jacksmith fanatic,and he has the same exact Leaf cutter axe as him.don't anger him, because he knows how to use the leafcutter!

collosal kraken:ruler of the high seas,you can only face him with swim boost.radley madish:(final boss)