Munchmore (Cupcake Kingdom)

(We begin at a frosting covered Munchmore were we see a dessert like land called Mt. Desserts were a castle on the hill called Cupcake Castle the desserts were having a meeting)

King Cupcake: Attention Desserts, Sense we've ambushed all of Munchmore, We'll ambush Tastyville!!! Tonight

A Baked Alaska: can't we kidnap the people who live in Tastyville first before we ambush it?

Queen Cupcake: dearest one of the baked alaska asked you about kidnapping the people who live in tasty

King Cupcake: I HEARD HIM I HEARD HIM!, We will kidnap theme all except those Chef's and there three little friends named Nick, Greg, and Yippy

(A Humanoid Cupcake who's the Queen and King's daughter/only child watched her parents talk about the Tastyville Ambush plan and looks into her crystal ball and sees that all the people in Tastyville are all asleep and hides in her room and then all the desserts went to Tastyville to kidnap all the customers)

Tastyville (At 1:30 in the morning)

(in Tastyville, everyone was fast asleep from Papa Louie to Roy when a mysterious portal comes up in the night sky and wakes up Papa Louie and sees Desserts and Pasterys with stubbed feet and they go and steal all the customers minus his chefs, NCGY, and Professor Fitz and when they were all kidnapped the portal disappears)


(Papa Louie goes to Roy's room and sees him still asleep and drolling and Roy wakes up)

Roy: wha?

(Papa louie hugs Roy)

Roy: UNCLE! what on earth are you doing?!

Papa Louie: Roy, all the customers have been kidnapped and it's dead surious if we don't do something about it!!!

(The Other Chef's come in Roy's room in there pajamas alongside Nick, Clover, Greg, and Yippy)

Cooper: all the customers are gone, they took all of theme!

Marty: and the Romanos

Roy: this terrible, oh Uncle Louie what are we gonna do?

Papa Louie: get to Professor Fitz's labatory, i'll go to the Cupcakeria because i think that's were you'll find the portals.

The Customers Are Trapped In The Cupcake Castle Dungeon

(In Cupcake Castle, all of the customers (except Professor Fitz) were still sleeping when Carlo Romano wakes up and sees there in the Dungeon)

Carlo (thinking): Mamma Mia were in a Dugeon-a