Marty: I made some burgers. I made some rare, some medium, and some well done.

Mitch: I made tacos.

Roy: I will order some pizzas! What do you want?

Cooper: I want cheese and pepperoni!

Prudence: Well, I like mushrooms and onions!

(everyone orders pizza)

Roy: OK, OK, OK, we will get the pizza ready in less than 20 minutes!

(15 minutes later)

Everyone: We want pizza! We want pizza!

Roy: They are almost here!

(5 minutes later)

Roy: One for you, one for you...

(everyone gets the pizza)

Roy: OK, everybody got one?

Everyone: Yes we did!

Papa Louie: Time to get the party started!

Foodini: Let's play some games! First, we'll spin the sauce wheel! This may get a little messy!

(Prudence spins the wheel. Sasha gets covered in BBQ sauce, Gremmie gets covered in chocolate sauce, Taylor gets covered in mystery sauce, Cooper gets covered in choco whipped cream, Peggy gets covered in blueberry sauce, and Cecilia gets covered in mint syrup)

Sasha: What is this?

Gremmie: I like what this is.

Taylor: How do I sove the mystery of this?

Cooper: Man, that has to be the worst! I'm taking a shower!

Peggy: This tastes weird.

Cecilia: That is exactly what I ordered!

Foodini: Let's play Pizza Pachinko now.

(50, star, 100, 100, star, star, 50, 50, 50, 100, 100, star, star, star, star)

Foodini: We'll give away 7 prizes! Now let's play Syrup Squirt! Squirt four to win!

(the kids get the syrup guns)

Foodini: Time to shoot!

(12 were squirted)

Foodini: We're giving away 3 prizes! Now let's eat! It is now 4:30!

Taylor: Wait! I forgot to bring cheesecakes! (goes to the store and steals 3 cheesecakes)

(everyone eats the cheesecakes)

Taylor: What do you think?

Cooper: Oh my god, this is so creamy!

Peggy: This is the best cheesecake I've ever had!

???: Open the door now!

Taylor: Who is this?

???: Open now! I have very important info!

Taylor: OK! Willow, what are you doing at this party?

Willow: You stole 3 cheesecakes from the store!

Taylor: I didn't do it!

Willow: Oh, yeah? We put it on a video camera!

(shows the video)

Taylor: What? That was not me!

Willow: Of course it's you! I'm calling the police!

(calls 911)

Police: Let's arrest Taylor, Cooper, and Peggy for the cheesecakes!

Taylor: No please!

Cooper: What? What is happening?

Peggy: I'm too young to go to jail!

(Police arrests them)

Police: Everybody in the party, out!

(they run out)

Police: Clippy the paperclip can stay.

Clippy: Oh, I knew this day would come. Clippy is ready to get back to business!

(the end)