This version is downlodadable.

Workers: Chuck, Mandi, Custom Worker


You can choose the minigame you want to play.

You can change the music. (mp3 or youtube video)

You can have up to 3 plates.

Unlockable animations.

All the absent customers are available.

New meats:

Breasts (rank 21)

Leg pieces (rank 30)

New sauces, sides and dips:

Berry Sauce (rank 22)

Honey BBQ (rank 23)

Mystery Sauce (rank 24)

Mystery Dip (rank 25)

Flat Sauce (rank 26)

Mustard Dip (rank 27)

Awesome Sauce (rank 28)

Yellow Peppers (rank 29)

Spicy Ginger Sauce (rank 30)

Fried Onion Strips (rank 31)

Ketchup Dip (rank 32)

Mint Chutney (rank 33)

Mustard Sauce (rank 34)

Mild Sauce (rank 35)

Blue Cheese Sauce (rank 36)

Ranch Sauce (rank 37)

Spicy Dip (rank 38)

Berry Dip (rank 39)

Potatoes (rank 40)

Zucchini (rank 41)

Ketchup Sauce (rank 42)

Mayo (rank 43)

Zesty Pesto Sauce (rank 44)

Mango Chili Sauce (rank 45)

Kung Pao Sauce (rank 46)

You can fry up to 18 wings at once.

New customers:

All the new Burgeria 2 customers




David (Father Of Cassie)

Cassie (The 13 Year Old Creator Of This Wiki)

New furniture items:

TV (you can choose it to show any youtube video, enter the url)

LED sign (put it on the wall, you can program it to say any message, choose the letter colors)