Chefs: Mitch,Maggie and custom worker

Intro: One day in tastyville,Papa louie opens his new taco shop and organizes the Taco eating contest. Mitch ,Maggie or custom worker the three playable characters, want to work in the shop. They don't know that his/her rivals are James, The football fan and Kingsley the comedian. The contest starts and the towns people must eat as many tacos as they can.

In the later afternoon hours, James gets a stomach ache while eating a taco and leaves. Meanwhile, Kingsley and Mitch/Maggie/Custom Worker continue the contest. In the evening, when Kingsley, the comedy star, tries to eat his next taco, he starts sweating and gives up from eating any more tacos. In the end, Mitch/Maggie/Custom Worker wins the contest. From today, they are allowed to work in the taco shop.

All Freezeria new customers

All Pancakeria new customers

All Wingeria new customers

All Hot Doggeria new customers

All Cupcakeria new customers except Santa

All Pastaria new customers

All Donuteria new customers

All Cheeseria new customers

All Bakeria new customers