Chefs: Franco/Mary

Bread station

Italian bread - Cheese bread - Flat bread - Regular bread

Meat station

Bologna - Pepperoni - Sausage - Mock chicken - Ham - Bacon - Beef

Grill station

Low heat - Medium heat - High heat - Very high heatd

P.S: customers can decide to not grill their submarines. If they want, there will be a little color circle on their order: Green for low, Yellow for Medium, Orange for high and Red for very high

Sauce station

Mayo - Mustard - Papa's ballpark mustard- Ketchup - Mild Sauce - Loco ? Sauce - Spicy Sauce - Parmesan Sauce - Nacho Cheese

Vegeteble station

Tomatoes - Pickles - Green pepper - Yellow pepper - Red Pepper - Lettuce - Green Tomato - Jalapeño - Cucumbers - Carrots

Chips station

Sizes: Small, Family, Jumbo

Sorts: Wavy, Flat, Pretzel, Cheetos, Ringolo

Flavor: Ketchup, Cheddar, BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, All Dressed, Nature