Papa made a Puddingeria, and Utah/Greg/Custom Worker was on his/her way to Frostfield. When he/she craved for dessert, he/she saw Papa's Puddingeria and went inside for a pudding. Realizing the Pudding tasted delicious, he/she wished he/she could work there and create even more delicious puddings. Hearing his/her statement, Papa Louie quickly put on the Puddingeria hat on Utah/Greg/Custom Worker.

023 Greg


071 Utah


Tona, broken hearted by knowing Mandi has married Tony

(example) custom worker




Custom Worker

Papa Louie

Papa Louie sprinkling some raspberry sprinkles on a pizza shaped pudding

All the other customers

1st station: Pudding Station

  1. Strawberry Pudding
  2. Chocolate Pudding
  3. Vanilla Pudding
  4. Banana Pudding
  5. Almond Pudding
  6. Biscuit Pudding
  7. Cherry Puding
  8. Orange Pudding
  9. Mango Pudding
  10. Tutti Frutti Pudding
  11. Spicy Pudding
  12. Snowflake Pudding
  13. Lemon Pudding

2nd Station: Tray Station

  1. Pizza Shape Tray
  2. Heart Shape Tray
  3. Triangular Tray
  4. Regular Tray
  5. Super Tray (Giant Circle Tray, usually ordered by Jojo)

3rd Station: Cook Station

We basically put the tray in one of those microwaves, and the customer tell how many degrees and in what condition. List of conditions:

  1. Spinned around clockwise
  2. Still
  3. Spinned around anti-clockwise

4th Station: Sprinkling Station

  1. Raspberry Sprinkles
  2. Rainbow Sprinkles
  3. Cookie Sprinkles
  4. Choco Sprinkles
  5. Blueberry Sprinkles
  6. Boomer Flag
  7. Heart

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