This version is downloadable

Chefs : Roy, Papa Louie (bonus), custom worker (bonus)

(if you pick Papa Louie, Roy will be the last customer, Lolz)

New Features :



Pay Day

Customizable Characters

You can choose the minigame you want to play

You can also change the music (with mp3 or youtube video)

Unlockable animations

All customers which appeared after the original game was released appear

Contains all features from Wingeria

Achievements also contain customer points

Pay day will contain customer points

In this game :

Johnny and Ninjoy will be neutral customers. While Akari and Rico will return as closers.

New toppings :

Pineapple slices (Rank 10)

Oregano (rank 20)

New customers :

all burgeria 2 customers

all Candyria customers

Big Tommy (Big Pauly's brother)



Anne-Marie (havemeforty's mom)

Basil (havemeforty's dad)

Clio (havemeforty's sister)

Nicholas (havemeforty)