Papa's Paw Patrol Mia is where you make dog bones and train the pups. The Chefs are Ivy and Johnny and Roy And Custom, Buy you can pick a new waiter for the pup daycare zone, Who is Mindy and Matt or Custom........ It is a do not edit page!!


Ivy/Johnny/You are at Papa Louie's House. Papa Louie is fast asleep! But when Ivy/Johnny/You tap on Papa Louie, He was telling that the Papa's Paw Patrol Mia needs chefs! Papa Louie and Ivy/Johnny/You are fast asleep in the car. But, The fast war was take the metro. Papa Louie said, I will meet you there, Ivy/Johnny/You! At the place, They gave out not to talk bad, Take care of the good pups, Clean them in the tub every time at home before they go, And after that, Ivy/Johnny/You would call them to come on over to Paw Patrol Mia! But outside, Customers where in a line to wait until it opened. But they had there pets, Much to His/Her dismay.

New Customers

Everest, Peter, Tess, Trace, Logan, Grand Stand, Skye Fan!


Poodle (Start), Pug (Rank 18 with Ivy), Beagle (Rank 21 with Cooper), Boxer (Rank 32 with Iggy), German Shepherd (Rank 43 with Xandra), Little Labrador Retriever (Rank 52 with Xolo), Big Labrador Retriever (Rank 58 with Grand Stand), Clifford The Big Red Dog (Rank 61 with Papa Louie).

Dog Bone Flavors

Coco (Start), Fish and Chips (Rank 2 with Everest), Bacon (Rank 13 with Peter), Gumball (Rank 17 with Rudy), Grape Flavored Blaze Berry (Rank 23 with Ember), Shortcake (Rank 27 with Trace), Tomato (Rank 39 with Greg), Corn Dog (Rank 42 with Logan), Ice Cream Sundae (Rank 49 with Boomer), The Flavor That Makes You Fly (Rank 60 with Skye Fan!).


Karate (Start), Soccer (Rank 1 with Yui), Tug Of War (Rank 11 with Hope), Pie Eating Contest (Rank 19 with Sue), Fashion (Rank 25 with Mindy), Swimming (Rank 31 with Ca