Kahuna: Fake! I want my real meal, with blueberry waffles and raspberries!

Cooper: But we haven't unlocked them yet! At that time, we didn't have blueberry waffles, raspberries, whipped cream, or honey!

Kahuna: Fakefakefake! I want my real meal NOW!

Cooper: Just eat a coconut!

Kahuna: OK. Coconut juice as my drink, and my REAL MEAL!

Cooper: (beep) this.

Kahuna: I WANT MY MEAL RIGHT NOW, OR I SHALL CALL QUINN!!!!!!!!!! (goes on rampage)

Cooper: We don't even serve coconut juice.

Kahuna: I DON'T EVEN CARE!!!!!!!! I'M CALLING QUINN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (calls Quinn)

Quinn: What is going on here?

Kahuna: COOPER WOULDN'T GIVE ME MY MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE BAD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quinn: OK, that's it! You're going to court!


Quinn: So Cooper, why did you give Kahuna his fake meal?

Cooper: The PanCakeria did not have rasberries, whipped cream, blueberry waffles, or honey and I made him eat a coconut!

Quinn: ? :()

(While Cooper is in court, Prudence is taking over his job. Kahuna comes back)

Kahuna: I hope you give me my real meal now.

Prudence: Good news! We just got a new supply of blueberries, raspberries, whipped cream, and honey yesterday!

Kahuna: OK, now my real meal!

(3 minutes later)

Kahuna: Thank you.