Papa's Pancakeria: The Movie is a movie that comes in June 17th, 2017, following Kent Brockman and his 2 enemies Noah and Matthew Jones, when they get revenge on Kent


  • Devon Bostick - Kent Brockman
  • Noah Johnston - Matthew Jones
  • Jordan Fry - Noah Jones
  • Ryan Renolds - Delivery Boy Roy
  • Jason Sudeikis - Papa Louie
  • Roger Craig Smith - James
  • Tina Fey - Prudence


Act 1

The movie begins where they left off in the previous movie. Noah narrates himself, then Noah checks the mail with Matthew, with Noah and Matthew receive a lucky ticket in the mail but Kent stole it and Kent gets on his solid gold Porsche and Noah and Matthew get onto their Camaro and chases Kent around Maple Mountain, Kent accidentally drifts on the grass and throws himself out of the solid gold Porsche, Noah and Matthew and their Camaro drift on the grass and kill Kent with his flamthrower, Kent blasts Noah and Matthew off with his money blaster, James was at Pancakeria ordering pancakes with honey while James gives Cooper a Potion of Decay, Cooper drinks it and withers away. Suddenly, a glass was broken and it was revealed to be Radley Maddish, He shoots James with his banana rocket and Radley's did not work, Radley leaves and Roy was ordering 2 waffle blueberries but. someone pricked Roy, It was an flu shot injection, And it may was not Noah and Matthew, Roy sees Kent and his solid Gold Porsche, Kent checks the GPS to go to Powder Point to hide from Noah and Matthew, But a Camaro is seen again and Kent runs away from it, He boosts to runaway from Noah and Matthew, He flies to Starlight City, then Burgerburh, and then Powder Point and Kent drifts his car onto Donuteria, Noah and Matthew can't see Kent anywhere, Papa Louie punches them and Noah and Matthew get on they're Camaro, They can't find Kent everywhere, Kent rides the Sky Ninja while Noah and Matthew drift to Powder Point, They get on the rollercoaster rail while Kent is oncoming, Noah and Matthew scream and they get off and steal Kent's Porsche, Kent falls off Sky Ninja and runs and Kent screams, He takes the Jones' Camaro and chases the Jones, Noah and Matthew see a pile off snow, They scream and get covered in snow and fall down into Olga reading and Olga falls onto the water and Noah and Matthew were on the water fountain, Kent clears off the snow from his car and throws a saw at Noah Jones and Noah cuts his head off, Kent puts a saw, ready for Matthew Jones to get sliced in half, Matthew was running and slided and sliced in half,

Act 2

Kent goes to back to Donuteria and orders orange icing donuts, Noah and Matthew survive and see on a shrub and sees Kent. Noah and Matthew run to Donuteria and flips over a table where Kent is, Kent kicks Noah in the face, James puts a plunger on Matthew's head, Matthew puts the rude finger on James, Kent goes into his car, James gets into Kent's car, And Noah and Matthew get into their Camaros, Kent goes on a tunnel, Kent falls down and goes into the river and even Noah and Matthew did, Kent backflips his car and Noah and Matthew hits the rock and throws onto the tunnel and Noah and Matthew shoot Kent and Noah and Matthew get back onto their Camaro and chases Kent all over, Kent goes to Tacodale and Kent stops and drifts onto Prudence's place, Kent does the roadblock and presses the roadblock button to block Noah and Matthew, Noah and Matthew scream because of a roadblock, Matthew and Noah stop but it's too late and Noah and Matthew scream and breaks the glass onto the Romano Apartment, Noah and Matthew were angry, Kent and James meet Prudence in the apartment, Gremmie and Sue come to Sid's party at Prudence's house, He and she takes his and her shoes off and celebrates. When the party was over, Kent and James go back onto their Solid Gold Porsche and leaves, Noah and Matthew fall down, climbs the spiked rail but not injured, Noah and Matthew get onto their Camaro and chases Kent but Kent's to frostfield, Noah and Matthew go to frostfield and Kent arrives at Cupcakeria, puts the spiked rail on Noah and Matthew and Noah and Matthew scream and fall into a tree, Noah and Matthew get angry again, Kent orders sunglow frosted lemon cakes jumps up and down, But, Noah and Matthew are seen again, Noah uses the deep purple frosting rope to whip Kent but Kent throws a table at Matthew, Noah and Matthew chase Kent and James. again, Kent boosts himself to Sakura Bay and jumps the Sakura bridge and falls down into a cave and Kent and James were scared, Noah and Matthew's Camaro was seen in the cave, They drive slowly but Noah throws a basketball at Kent and Kent throws a basketball at Noah Jones, They drive fast because the rocks are breaking, They drive in the water and drifts on the grass and James gets thrown out of Kent's car and into the water, James hits Matthew's head with a bat, Kent shoots a sunglow frosting gun at Noah, Kent and James run to to Papa's Sushiria, locks the door and orders sushi with bubble tea, Noah and Matthew were running and they get hit by the closen door, Noah and Matthew were angry for the 3rd time, Kent and James accidentally opens the door, Clover puts a pencil on Noah's Nose,

Act 3

Kent and James leave Sushiria. The Haruka River and gets into the Solid Gold Porsche and Noah and Matthew get on their Camaro and falls into a tunnel with gravel and Noah and Matthew get covered in gravel and They still chase Kent and James, Kent and James jump onto the yellow black curved road and So does Noah and matthew, They fall down on the mountain and drives to Kyriacouville where Papa's Snackeria is. They go to Esso to get the car filled But Noah and Matthew  are seen again Noah and Matthew push Kent's car and the Petrol Station burns, Kent and James get out of Esso and drives to Snackeria, They see Snackeria but Noah and Matthew accidentally hits the street signs and flips over and crashes into Papa's Chocolatria, Tohru and Taylor's restaurant, Tohru and Taylor get angry, Kent and James Go to Papa's Snackeria and they notice the holiday is N.G.C.M, He orders all the N.G.C.M toppings and haves them, Noah and Matthew are seen again, They steal Kent and James' grilled cheese popcorn and Radley Maddish eats all of Kent and James' N.G.C.M food whilst Kent and James are driving to get back the Grilled Cheese Popcorn, from Noah and Matthew inside they're Camaro, They jump to BBQ Bog and stop by a bbq pool, Noah and Matthew are seen in the BBQ Pool when Kent and James wins, Matthew says 'I HATE KENT AND JAMES, THEY'RE RETARDS' And Kent throws a arrow at Noah, The Camaro drives into the bbq pool and gets a car wash, Kent and James might say that all the Grilled Cheese Popcorn is BBQed, Kent builds a bridge and falls into the car wash, gets a wash and drives to Calypso Island when the Camaro falls into the water and Noah and Matthew get angry for the 4th time, Sasha does Kent a blood test in Freezeria, She says it's a tiny prick and Kent screams 'AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!' and does it on James too, Kent and James order pinapple with rainbow sherbet syrup, Hank puts Noah and Matthew into the police car and takes them to the dark room in Brockman Manor, Later, Kent discovers a secret in Freezeria, Noah and Matthew escape from Broc. Manor and flips the Camaro and drives to hunt for Kent and , Kent and James runs away from Noah and Matthew and drives to Harbour Town and ride the Kiddy Rides Australia Firetruck ride, But Noah and Matthew throw a vending chip machine at James and Kent, James bites Matthew with a snake. James and Kent run and hides somewhere in Baskan Robbins, But Noah and Matthew are seen. again!, Kent and James eat a vanilla donut from Donut King, Kent and James jump onto the Zap-50 which is red, They insert an coin, When the ride finished, Noah and Matthew are seen again, Kent and James hide inside a toilet, locks the door and stays here, Noah and Matthew busted down the door and Kent and James ride the Play School carousel but again, Noah and Matthew are seen again, They get an ice cream from the vending machine And Noah and Matthew steals Kent's ice cream and takes the Jeeparoo away and they all drive to Oniontown to go to Papa's Torte Mia! Kent sees Noah and Matthew again and kills them with his M16,

Act 4

They alll drive and fall down to a jungle with Noah and Matthew chasing him angrily, with the bridge to Burgerburgh, and they all drift on the grass and drive to Papa's Burgeria and locking it's doors by James and Kent, from Noah and Matthew, Noah and Matthew smash the glass with the axe and Kent eats a cheeseburger and attempts to punch him in the face, They all find a boat and they all get in the boat to run away from Noah and Matthew, to Kyriacouville, The Camaro floats on water, Matthew attempts to torch Kent's solid gold car, with the Camaro driving at maxium speed and driving to Kyriacouville, Kent and James stop at the snackeria, lock the doors, with Noah and Matthew finding weapons but the Camaro falls into the water, making Noah and Matthew angry, Noah and Mattthew torch the roof of Papa's Snackeria and they punch Kent and James, James Hits Matthew with a plunger, with Hank Arresting Noah and Matthew, Kent taking James back to Cupcakeria, and driving back to Brockman Manor


Papa's Pancakeria:The Movie Transcript


  • This is the third movie where Kent gets revenge on Noah and Matthew