The chefs: Zoe and Greg or custom character.

Zoe/Greg/Custom Character is sitting on bench listening to music on the park when Foodini surprises them so much that they fall off the bench. Foodini shows them a poster proclaiming they won a trip to Meadow Fields, a countryside town known for it's delicious potatoes. He/She looks excited and jumps with joy. They sit on airplane with Cecilia, Franco, Peggy, and Ivy. When he/she gets off, they notice a wooden wheel of fortune that says, "Hit the golden star and win A GRAND PRIZE!! First try free." He/she decides to give it a try and wins. Papa comes out and congratulates him/her. He holds Chartreuse uniform Lime green stripes with fry oil bottle. He/she suddenly looks nervous.

Customers chart rank:

In guide Hugo.

After guide Bruna romano

Day 2 Nick/Zoe

Rank 3 Aya

Rank 4 Akira(NEW)

Rank 5 Dario

Rank    Papa Louie

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