Taylor, Peggy and a custom worker


Taylor/Peggy/Custom worker wins an expensive trip from Peppertown to Flipline Workshop to see the Factoria in the ground floor of the workshop.


  1. Taylor (Last Game:9)/Peggy(Last Game:54)
  2. Scooter (Last Game:16)
  3. Johnny (Last Game:65)No longer closer
  4. Mary (Last Game:56)
  5. Hugo (Last Game:17)
  6. Ivy (Last Game:59)
  7. Connor (Last Game:51)
  8. Tohru (Last Game:26)
  9. Roy (Last Game:49)New Float: Pizzeria Float
  10. Lisa (Last Game:30)
  11. Kingsley (Last Game:44)
  12. Christine (New)
  13. Jojo (Last Game:68)No longer closer/food critic
  14. Skyler (Last Game:34)
  15. Mitch (Last Game:24)New Float: Taco Mia Float
  16. Sasha (Last Game:48)
  17. Carlo Romano (Last Game:33)
  18. Akari (Last Game:20)
  19. Nick (Last Game:39)
  20. Edna (Last Game:41)
  21. James (Last Game:12)
  22. Cecilia (Last Game:50)
  23. Rico (Last Game:35)
  24. Maggie (Last Game:18)
  25. Kahuna (Last Game:15)
  26. Yippy (Last Game:52)
  27. Greg (Last Game:7)
  28. Prudence (Last Game:40)New Float: Pancakeria Float
  29. Sarge Fan! (Last Game:23)
  30. Zoe (Last Game:28)
  31. Alberto (Last Game:13)New Float: Freezeria Float
  32. Ninjoy (Last Game:67)No longer closer
  33. Chuck (Last Game:1)New Float: Wingeria Float
  34. Utah (Last Game:8)
  35. Gino Romano (Last Game:55)
  36. Wendy (Last Game:25)
  37. Pedro (New)
  38. Olga (Last Game:47)
  39. Matt (Last Game:58)New Float: Flipline Float
  40. Sue (Last Game:36)
  41. Robby (Last Game:10)
  42. Penny (Last Game:45)
  43. Doan (Last Game:42)
  44. Rita (Last Game:11)New Float: Burgeria Float
  45. Cletus (Last Game:61)
  46. Mandi (Last Game:1)
  47. Cooper (Last Game:29)
  48. Vicky (Last Game:60)
  49. Timm (Last Game:6)
  50. Captain Cori (Last Game:43)
  51. Allan (Last Game:4)
  52. Bruna Romano (Last Game:38)
  53. Hank (Last Game:5)
  54. Clover (Last Game:2)
  55. Marty (Last Game:46)
  56. Xandra (Last Game:32)
  57. Big Pauly (Last Game:19)
  58. Kayla (Last Game:22)
  59. Gremmie (Last Game:37)
  60. Clair (Last Game:14)
  61. Wally (Last Game:21)
  62. Mindy (Last Game:3)
  63. Edoardo Romano (Last Game:57)
  64. Willow (New)
  65. Franco (Last Game:31)
  66. Georgito (Last Game:27) (Here Comes The Quintuplets)
  67. Tony (Last Game:53)
  68. Cactus Mccoy (New)
  69. Boomer (Last Game:62)
  70. Professor Fitz (Last Game:66)
  71. Quinn (Last Game:63)
  72. Hollbrock (New)
  73. Xolo (Last Game:64)
  74. Chamomile (New)
  75. Foodini (Last Game:69)
  76. Papa Louie (Last Game:70)No Longer Last Customer
  77. Doctor (Last Game:76)
  78. Foot-Lander (Last Game:80)


Cactus Mccoy


Professor Fitz




Chamomile (New Food Critic)


Order Station, Grill Station, Drink Station, Box Station

Menu Items