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Papa's Cakeria is a fangame which will be released on November 23rd 2015. The male chef is Johnny and Ivy. The female chef is not confirmed yet. Make Cakes.Official Ingredients:
  • Banana Mix(Frist Rank)
  • Blueberry Mix(Frist Rank)
  • Pecan Mix(Second Rank)
  • Lemon Zest And Sugar Mix(Third Rank)
  • Cherry Mix(Third Rank)
  • Creameo Mix(Fourth Rank)
  • Raspberries(Second Rank)
  • Blueberries(Second Rank)
  • Nuts(Fifth Rank)
  • Cranberries(Eighth Rank)
  • Whipped Cream(Third Rank)
  • Choco Whipped Cream(Tenth Rank)
  • Raspberry Syrup(Tenth Rank)
  • Cranberry Syrup(Eleventh Rank)
  • Honey(Thirtenth Rank)


  1. Sasha
  2. Allan
  3. Doan
  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Nevada
  4. Ninjoy
  5. Santieria


  1. Chester
  2. Rhonda
  3. Whiff
  4. Rudy
  5. Quinn
  6. Xolo
  7. Jojo


  • In this game, everyday, a customer is unlocked.
  • The customers are unlocked one after one, first a female, hen a male, then again a female- in this way. Only the first day is exceptional with two female customers unlocked.
  • This is the only game so far with all the closers female