Prudence's House, 8:00 A.M

Prudence: Bye! See you sibs later at baseball game show at 5:00 P.M!!

Yippy: Bye big sister! My cookies will be hit, that I will guarantee!!

Gremmie: Yeah, right. Anyway, See you later! If you see Xandra, say hi for me!

Prudence grimaces at her twin brother's love Intrest Xandra, the rainbow tutu, yellow X tshirt wearing girl. She goes on her way.


Prudence: Rita, can I please have: Bottom Bun, bacon, medium patty, lettuce, cheese, pickle, and a top bun for a change?

Rita: Ok!

Mindy and Cooper enter

Mindy: Hi Prudence!

Cooper: Hi girlfriend!

Mindy: Prudence is your girlfriend!?

Cooper: Yea, when we got the jobs at the Pancakeria.

Prudence elbowing Cooper: Cooper himself went through some rough spots to date me.

Cooper Blushes: Anyway, why were you not at the Pancakeria?

Mindy: I was working at the hair styling salon so my mom could have some days off...and get herself loaded with delicious food.

Cooper: Your mom did have very large orders in Pancakeria.

Mindy: I bet.

Build Station-

Rita: I'll prank Prudence by giving her a saucy burger!

(adds sauce 1000 real times)

9 hours later-

Prudence: Is my burger ready yet? (Yawns)

Rita: Here it is!

Prudence: HEY!!

Rita: Hee hee!

Prudence's House

Prudence walks in the door.

Gremmie: Did you see Xandra?

Prudence: No, she wasn't there.

Yippy: What took you so long? Your burger couldn't have taken nine hours!

Prudence: Actually it did, and all I got was a disgusting onion sauce burger!

Gremmie and Yippy fall to the floor laughing hard

Gremmie: Man, whoever gave you that, they got you good!!!

Yippy struggling not to laugh: Who gave it anyway?

Prudence: Rita!

The End