Olga: i can't do this whatever style i do, h*ll yea' f*@kin' right, kids, come watch the TV.

Gremmie: Prudence and Yippy are making a title sequence

Olga: Okay.

Edoardo: -On TV- in the news, we had 99 degrees in the summer, in winter, we had -16 degrees so it is cold outside, in autumn, we had 10 degrees, in spring, we had 54 degrees to continue with, when we're in North Korea, South Korea, East Korea, West Korea, New Mexico, we're going to California, and Texas, & New York, we're going to North Dakota, and South Dakota, and Washington, and Delaware, and Michigan, and Nevada, and Utah, and Nebraska.

Allan: Yay.

Kingsley: That'll be on my team when i was 8 years old, i play basketball with my best friend.

Fitz: How many times do i have to tell yourself.

Edna: i'm so proud of you, son, i knew you've frowned

Kayla: Mom, what am i'm going to see my husband.

Fitz: No, Kayla, Get Back Up To Bed.

Clair: But Dad.

Fitz: No Buts, Just go to bed.

Sasha: Mom, can we please go to sophistication studios and get Saab mini blouses until i got over 139,294 stuff and outfits and accessories until i look fabulous til' i go with non-haters to get some slushie and slurpee with Big pauly when i was 16 years old.

Taylor: Please, Mom.

Clair: Okay, We'll go tomorrow.

Big Pauly: Konichiwa, that what i speak in japanese and chinese.

Selena Gomez: -On TV- Shake It Up.

Kingsley: Pauly, you're back.

Big Pauly: Yeah, Me and My best friend and my wife are playing soccer when i was 34 years old and i need my spot, my shirt needs to be unbuttoned in this perfume to smell in this Max Azria suit i am wearing,  i am whimsical to wear this when my wife was 22 years old and i turn 28, i go for a walk with my wife.

Doan: Konichiwa, pauly, you've got something to do your list, my daughter and my son are oompaloompas, and be careful, watch out for chocolate waterfalls.