Bran muffins with olga

How the batter of the ninja starry cuocake looks like.

(Ninjoy goes to Cupcakeria)

Ninjoy: Can I have a cupcake for Olga?

James: Sure!

James: I'll put a ninja star in Olga's cupcake.

Ninjoy: Here's your cupcake Olga!

Olga: Thanks!

(eats cupcake)

Olga: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

(Olga dies)

Ninjoy: SHE'S DEAD?

Ninjoy: I'm gonna have to look after Gremmie, Prudence, Pickle, and Yippy!

Ninjoy: Hey Prudence, look

Ninjoy: Olga's dead from the ninja star cupcake

Prudence: Really

The next day

Ninjoy: Can I have another cupcake for Olga?

James: OK, 5 ninja stars inside the cake