(Greg Was Near The Convenice Store Looking For Someone To Play With Then He Saw Prudence)

Greg: Here Comes Prudence I Bet She'll Play With Me, Hey Prudence Let's Play Catch

Prudence: Not Today Yippy Is Waiting For Me

Greg: Oh

(Sarge Fan! Runs Out Of The Toy Store With A Stuffed Bear)

Greg: Hi Sarge Fan! That's A Neat Bear, Let's Play With It

Sarge Fan!: I Am Sorry Boss But I Am Giving It To Yippy

Greg: Oh

(Greg Sees Nick With A Box Of Cookie's)

Greg: Hey Buddy Nick Wanna Play?

(Nick Shakes His Head)

Nick: I'm Bringing Yippy Cookie's

(Greg Got Mad)

Greg: Nuts!

(Greg Goes Into The Convenice Pouting)

Greg: Nobody Cares About Me! Just Yippy, Yippy, Yippy

(Lisa Walks By Greg)

Lisa: Why Are You So Mad Boss?

Greg: Nobody Will Play With Me Everyone Wants To Play With Yippy

Lisa: Oh Didn't You Know Yippy Is Sick

Greg: Oh, Well I Am Sorry That Yippy's Sick But I Bet She Is Having Fun

(Lisa Pat's Greg On His Cap Causing It To Go Down To His Eyes)

Lisa: You Are Silly Boss It Is Not Fun To Be Sick, Come On Let's Vist Her

Greg: Ok

(Lisa And Greg Goes To The Wheeler House To See Yippy In Bed And Prudence Was Trying To Feed Her)

Greg: How Do You Feel?

Yippy: Terrible I Have A Bad...(Yippy Sneezes)

Lisa: You Have A Bad Cold

Yippy: I Know (Yippy Sneezes)

Greg: Gee Yippy, Prudence Made You Good Soup, Sarge Fan! Gave You A New Doll Even Nick Was Nice To You. You Are So Lucky To Be Sick.

Yippy: (Yippy Sneezes) Lucky?! I Feel Awful I Feel To Sick To Play Being Sick Is No Fun

(Greg Starts Thinking Then After Lisa And Greg Leaves The Wheeler House Greg Was At His Desk Thinking Of What The Next Meeting Should Be As Usual)

Greg: Nobody Cares About Me Because I Ain't Sick (The Tomato On Greg's Hat Lights Up) I'll Pretend To Be Sick!

(Utah Came Out Of Greg's Window)

Greg: Oh I Am So Sick

Utah: That Is To Bad I Will Try To Make You Feel Better

(Greg Smiles Then Utah Gives Greg A Hot Water Bottle, She Cleaned Off His Bed And That Night She Readed Greg A Story)

Utah: Go To Sleep I Will Stay With You

(Greg Sighs Happily That Night Utah Was Asleep In The Guest Bedroom And Greg Was Sleeping Like Normal Boys Then Mary Looks At A Sleeping Greg)

Mary: Greg Doesn't Look Sick To Maybe Tommoorow Morning I'll Call Dr Clair

(The Next Morning Yippy Comes To The Eureka House And Into Greg's Bedroom)

Yippy: Wake Up Boss I Am All Better Do You Want To Play?

(Greg Wakes Up Then Utah Rushes In)

Utah: I'm Sorry Yippy Boss Is Sick He Can't Play Today

(Greg Get's Out Of Bed)

Greg: I Am Not (Greg Sneezes) Sick

Yippy And Utah: You Sound Sick How Do You Feel?

Greg: Sorta Hot And Cold And Funny In The Tummy

Yippy: Get Into Your Bed I Will Get...

Clair: Dr. Clair!

Sasha: And Dr. Sasha!

Yippy: I Stand Corrected

(Clair Felt His Heart, He Looked In His Mouth And Felt His Stomach)

Clair: You Have A Cold

Greg: I Know

Clair: Drink Lots Of Juice And Get Lots Of Rest And A Lot Of SC, Sasha Care, Get Well

Greg: Ok Dr. Clair

Sasha: Bye Mommy

(Yippy Goes To The Back Of The Pancakeria And Knocks On The Back Door And Prudence Awnsers)

Prudence: What Is It Little Sister?

Yippy: Greg Is Sick And He Needs Your Soup

Prudence: Alright

(Yippy Goes To The Jay/Toplaw House And Sarge Fan! Awnsers The Door)

Sarge Fan!: Hi Yippy

Yippy: Hi Sarge Fan! Greg's Sick And I Think He Needs A Toy A Red One Can You Go To The Toy Store And Get Him A Red Toy?

Sarge Fan!: Sure

(Sarge Fan! Runs Out The Door In His Underwear, Then Yippy Rushes To The Hiroshino's House And Throws Pebbles At Nick's Window Causing Nick To Open It)

Nick: Good Morning Yippy What's The Emergency?

Yippy: Greg's Sick And He Needs A Box Of Cookies

Nick: Are You Crazy Well Sense He Is My Boss And Friend I Will.