This is the sequel to Ninjoy gives up!.

Ninjoy: Now that I've given up being evil, I need something else to do.

Xandra: Um, cosmotologist?

Ninjoy: No. 

Xandra: Delivery girl?

Ninjoy: No.

Xandra: Kicking evil's butt since we're not evil anymore?

Ninjoy: Not a bad idea! I like it!

Xandra: Who? Radley Madish? Sarge?

Ninjoy: Let's go with Radley. He's SO evil!

Xolo: Where's the portal?

Radley Madish: Right behind you! Ha ha!

Ninjoy: HIYAAA! (she kicks Radley's face)

Radley: AAAOOOWWW that hurt. Grrrr....

???: You go, girl!

Xandra: Mordecai! Where's Rigby?

Mordecai: Over in Ponyville with Rainbow Dash.

Xandra: Oh.

Mordecai: I could help! (she spins at Radley)

Radley: So now you're half Crash Bandicoot? Ow!

Ninjoy: I like this! I'm gonna keep doing this!