(in wingeria.)

Ninjoy: So, I will have 4 onion wings, 2 calypso shrimps, 2 teriyaki shrimps with 8 celeries.

Yeserman: OK Ninjoy! (to himself) Ninjoy hates wasabi, so I will add wasabi. (fries the shrimps and wings, and adds wasabi.)

Ninjoy: (eats one) Oh my god it burns! It burns! (runs around screaming, then runs out of wingeria. Sees a wasabi billboard.)

Ninjoy: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! (billions of Wasabi with parachute that are not real parachute down to Ninjoy.)

Ninjoy: Ahhhh! (runs into Pauly's Pepper.)

Ninjoy: I would like some...

Big Pauly: Wasabi powder? (Ninjoy goes to taco mia.)

Ninjoy: I would like...

Mitch: Chicken taco with wasabi? (Ninjoy screams and runs out. Goes to Pancakeria.)

Ninjoy: I would like...

Prudence: Seven french toasts with wasabi mix, and a large cup of habanero juice with wasabi?(Ninjoy screams and runs out. and Goes to IceCream Best.)

Doan:A Wasabi IceCream?

Ninjoy:Why you not work in library?

Doan:Library is destroyed,so-

Ninjoy:Noo!(Goes to freezeria.)

Ninjoy: I wanna take...

Alberto: A large wasabi sundae with wasabi, smooth blend, wasabi whipped cream and wasabi topping? (Ninjoy screams and runs out. Goes to burgeria.)

Ninjoy: I wanna have...

Marty: 100 wasabi burgers?

(Ninjoy scream and run into Icecreameria.)

Narty:WTF?She don’t like wasabi?I really don‘t know.

Ninjoy:I wanna take

Sue:A Wasabi with Salmon on it!

(Ninjoy screams and goes to hot doggeria)

Ninjoy: "Hey Jennifer,I..."

Jennifer: "WILL TAKE (bleep) WASABI KIELBASA IN WASABI (bleep) ROLLS, WITH WASABI SAUCE, LARGE WASABI COLA, AND (bleep) LARGE WASABI POPCORN!!" (Ninjoy screams and goes to pizzeria)

Jennifer:Strange people.

Ninjoy: "Roy, can I take..."

Roy: "10003232 Pizzas with wasabi?"

(Ninjoy screams and goes to Cupcakeria)

Ninjoy: "I want..."

James: "A cupcake with vi--

Ninjoy: AAAHHH!!! I give up! No more!

James: What?

Ninjoy: (slaps James across the face)

James: OOOWWWWW that hurt.

Ninjoy: COUSIN UTAH!!!!!

Utah: What?

Ninjoy: This has been the worst day of my life! Everyone gave me wasabi orders!

Utah: (breaths sharply) That's harsh. They blew it!

Ninjoy: Yep.