Ninjoy: Here I Made A Slim Station For All The Obese People Not Because I'm Being Nice Or Anything To Help Theme Or Anything I Just Hate Getting Bumped By There Stomachs.

(That Night Ninjoy, Xandra And Xolo Goes Into The Romano's House Into Gino's Bedroom There Xandra and Xolo Uses There Mussles To Push Gino Into The Sack

Ninjoy: One Down Seven To Go
  • The Title
  • Cookie Spying On The Fat People
  • Ninjoy Get's Flatten By The Obese People's Bottoms
  • The Large Wearhouse (Ninjoy's House)

(Ninjoy Leaves The Romano's House And Goes To The Matthew's House Into Pauly's Bedroom And Xandra and Xolo Pushs Pauly Into The Sack)

Ninjoy: Two Down Six To Go

(Ninjoy Leaves The Matthew's House And Goes Next-Door To The Kay's House And She Pushs Kingsley Into The Sack)

Ninjoy: Three Down Five To Go

(Then Ninjoy Pushs Olga, Vicky, Nick, Foodini, Rico And Kahuna Into The Sack Then When They Got To There Secret Hideout (A Really Large Warehouse) Ninjoy Needs The Last Obese Person.)

Ninjoy: Ok Xolo Get In The Sack

Xolo: Do I Have To?

Ninjoy: You Can Get Out Tomarow Morning Before They Wake Up

Xolo: It's Already Morning It's 4:15 AM

Ninjoy: Ok (Sees Xandra And Xolo Looking Out A Wearhouse Window) What Are You Guy's Doing?

Xandra: Were Watching The Sunrise

Ninjoy: It's What You Two Do Best

(Ninjoy Watches The Sunrise With Theme But Then The Alarm Clock Beside The Sack Rung Then All The Fatty's Awoke From The Alarm Clock)

All The Fat People (Exept Xolo): FOOD!!!

Xandra: Woha-Ho-Ho There Sit Down Bulldogs

(The Fat People (Exept Xolo) Sits Down)

Ninjoy: Alright Now That Your All Seated I Can Explan Why Your All Here Your Here Becuses I Want You All To Lose Weight BAD!

(The Fat People All Nod There Heads Elsewhere Cookie And Pickle Were Still Asleep When They Heard A Noise Then They Went To The Warehouse Into A Secret Entrence Were Small Animals Can Fit Then The Fat People (In Suits In There Favirote Colors) Are Getting In A Round Tubs With Slime In It)

Xandra: I Want No Jumping In These Pools There Expensive And The Slime Is To

(The Obese People Did Not Jump They Got In The Round Tubs Then Very Large Mixers Came Down And It Blended The Nine Obese People Up While Xolo Watches It Then Goes To Ninjoy's Bedroom To See A Veding Machine Full Of Two Teired Cakes And Takes On And Takes It To Professor Fitz And Professor Fitz Was Fixing His Cemerstry Lab When Xolo Came)

Xolo: Professor Fitz Here

Fitz: Thank You Xolo I Am Quite Hungry

Xolo: Don't Eat It I Want You To Test It To See What It's Made Of!

Fitz: Ok Xolo

(Back In The Wearhouse)

Xandra: (Claps) Although Your Not Thin Yet

(The Fatties Stay Silent)

Xandra: Now you will go onto these seats that spin around.

(The Fatties hop into the seats)

Xandra: Now you will be sprayed with water.

(The seats spin around and Xandra sprays the fatties with water)

Xandra: Get out of your seats now.

(They get off the seats)

Ninjoy: Now you will go into these cubicles, After a minute you will be slim!

(The fatties get in the Cubicles, Then tubes are put on their heads. They become slim.)

Ninjoy: Good!

(Back In Fitz's Lab Fitz Descovers What The Two Teared Cake Is)

Fitz: Xolo Are You Listening?

Xolo: I've Been Listing

Fitz: This Two Teared Cake Makes Fat People Inflate And Skinny People Fat.

Xolo: Oh My

(Professor Fitz Makes A Ugly Face)

Fitz: My Father-In-Law Senes Are Tingling Somethings Wrong

(The Telescope Comes Out And A Radar Comes Out And Xolo Sees A Yellow Dot)

Xolo: I See Your Son In Law Professor

(Fitz Looks At Out Of His Tellescope And Sees A Slim Kingsley Along With Other Slim Versions Of The Fat People In The Back Of Ninjoy's Werehouse Then Professor Fitz Screams Like A Girl Then Xolo Notices Nothing Exploaded)

Fitz: Edna And Clair Are Going To Hate Me

Xolo: What Happen Professor And Why Didn't You Girlie Scream Exploaded Your Lab?

Fitz: It Only Works With Wasabi Sause Witch Chuck Has. And Edna And Clair Are Going To Kill Me

Xolo: Why?

Fitz: Look My Boy

(Xolo Looks Out The Telescope To See All The Obese People Slim And Screams)

Xolo: I'm Going To Get Complants From There Intire Familes Exept Hank

Fitz: It Looks Like Ninjoy Made The Fat People Slim 

Xolo: She Did

Fitz: Huh

Xolo: Let Me Explan. Ninjoy Xandra And I Kidnapped All The Obese People In Town So Ninjoy Won't Stop Getting Bumped By There Stomachs.

(The scene cuts to Cookie)

Cooper: Prudence, Come over here!

Prudence: Is there something wrong?

Cooper: Look at the obese people, they are now slim.

Prudence: There is Granny Olga, But her hair is more long.

Cooper: Let's go up there

(They go up the stairs and find Fitz and Xolo)

Prudence: Professor What's Going On Here?

Fitz: Aparently Ninjoy Did Something Very Awful. She Made All The Fat People Slim Because She Was Tired Of Getting Bumped By There Belly's

Cooper: How Is That A Bad Thing?

Prudence: Yeah Granny Olga Bearly Had A Belly

Fitz: It's A Bad Thing For Xolo And I Because For Me Edna And Clair Are Going To Kill Me.

Xolo: And It's Bad For Me Because I'm Going To Get Yelled At By There Familes

Fitz: And There Is A Music Antidote

(Music Lyrics Sheats Comes Out Of The Machine)

Fitz: I Nevered Sing

Xolo: I Can't Sing

Cooper: Nither Can I

(Prudence Hums The Lyics And Xolo's Regular Obese Shape Comes Back)

Prudence: Professor I Can Sing The Song

(After Prudence Sings Causing All The Obese People To Go Fat Again Everyone In Town Wakes Up And Goes To Ninjoy's Werehouse In There Pajamas Then All The Obese People Comes Out)



(Hank Comes Over)

Hank: What's Going On Here?

Prudence: Mr Whinley Arrest This Fatty Skinnier!!!

(Hank Buts Cuffs On Ninjoy And Then He Puts Cuffs On Xandra And Then.)

Xolo: Huh?

(Sees The Cuffs On His Arms)

Kayla: HANK!!!

Zoe: DADDY!!!

All Fatties (Exept Xolo): MR WHINLEY DON'T YOU EVEN!!!

Big Pauly: Xolo Helped Us Restor Our Fat So Please Let Him And Xandra Go Or You'll Get Sqwashed Speaking Of Getting Sqwashed Can We Use Ninjoy For A Sec?

(Hank Takes The Cuffs Off Of Ninjoy And The Fatties (Exept Xolo) Sqwishes Her With There Butts)

The Fatties (Exept Xolo): Your As Flat As The Road Now!

(Hank Get's His Shovle And Shovles Ninjoy In The Police Car And Closes The Car Door)

Hank: That Takes Care Of Ninjoy, Now For Cori

Cori: Ah-Oh

(Hank Cuffs Cori And Utah Runs To Greg And Greg Holds Her Hand)

Hank: In Order For Ninjoy To Not Escape Again Cori Goes To Jail To

Kayla: Hank Whinley

Hank: Ah-Oh (Turns To Kayla) What Is It Fairest Wife?

Kayla: If Cori's Going To Jail To Who's Going To What Utah?

Zoe: Yeah Dad?

Hank: Hmmm... She Can Watch Herself

(Kayla And Zoe Facepalms)

Kayla: She's 10 Years Old

Hank: Oh Well I Guess I'll Have To Uncuff The Captain

(Hank Uncuffs Cori)

Hank: Sorry For Cuffing You

(Cori Punches Hank In The Arm)

Hank: OOOOWWWWW, that hurt.

Utah: That's what you get for trying to put my mom in prison!


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