(Nick's Cat Meowing)

Nick: Shut up, stupid cat, can't you see i'm on the phone.

(Marty Has Opened Nick's Bedroom Door)

Marty: Nick

Nick: Shut Up Marty! >:'(

Marty: Nick, i just wanna talk to you. :'(

Nick: Tohru is sleeping.

Cecilia: Nick, Stay Out Of My Cabinet, i told you to stay out of my cabinet one second?

Kayla: Nick, get up to your room?

Nick: Leave Me Alone, I'm Busy.

Nick: I'll call you back later, yippy & scooter, bye.

Alberto, Cooper & Marty: Hey, Nick, wanna try some of your DJs

Nick: Yes I do, i do still love her they re my girlfriend forever.

Cooper: What?

Alberto: What did you just say?

Marty: Que?

Nick: i don't know?

Kayla & Cecilia: Nick, time for a bath.

Nick: Ewww, Gross! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Xolo: Mandi, i still love you but you add tony is my friend.

Mandi's Cat: Voyager, voyager Tout le monde aime voyager, Voyager, voyager Tout le monde aime voyager. -sounds like a helicopter-

Mandi: Xolo, i was trying to whistling, and now your time is down