Nick: Can I have french toast with chocolate chips, maple syrup, and butter? I also want orange juice.

Cooper: OK! I will! (to himself) Since Nick hates cream, I will add lots of cream, and I will use pancakes instead of french toast.

(makes 40 raw blueberry pancakes and puts them on the plate. adds lots of cream and berries, then adds blueberry syrup and honey)

Cooper: Here is your order, Nick!

Nick: (looks at order) Hey, I didn't order (beep)ing decaf with cream, and I didn't want (beep)ing pancakes, I wanted (beep)ing french toast.

Cooper: Sorry, that is all we have. We haven't unlocked the items you want.

Nick: Well, you're stupid! (throws order at Cooper)

Cooper: I better go take a shower.

Nick: I'm going home. (walks to his house) They used to have good service, but they are now bad. What were they thinking?

Cooper: I was expecting more than that!

(2 hours later)

(there is a long line of customers)

Clover: Where is Cooper?

Chuck: We have been waiting here for 2 stinking hours!

Hugo: Where is the worker?

Clair: It has been 2 hours and I haven't got my meal?

Robby: Where is the (beep)ing person who cooks the meals?!

Professor Fitz: Why won't Cooper be back?! I want to try their new flavors that are available!!!

Sue: Why is there no service?!

Franco: What the heck is going on here?

Georgito: Why won't Cooper be back?!


(all customers arguing)

Prudence: Coming right up! (throws pancakes at the customers) Order up order up!

Professor Fitz: You ruined my lab coat!

Willow: I got whipped cream all over my sweater!

Clover: I didn't want a pancake on my face!  I want a refund!

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