(Nick Is Shown With A Bunch Of Baby Picture Books Of The Kid Brigade And Turned That Page On His)

Nick: Aww Look At That Handsom Fat Baby (Sees A Baby Picture Of Him As A Baby) Ain't He Cute Oh Wait That 's Me Well I'm Gonna Tell You How I Came Along.

(The Year Of Nick's Birth)

Boomer: Well, girls your baby sister is in my stomach waiting doan when do we get to go to the hospital?
Younger brother

Akari And Tohru Finds Out That The She Is A He

Doan: We have to wait till the cars cames back, oh my honey your dad is coming!

Cletus: Boomies Woomies How's My Angel Cake In There?

Boomer: Oh No Nick's Kicking Dad I'm Having A Baby!

Cletus: No, you don't, you'll have to wait till you're older to 32.

Boomer: Doan Call The Hospital!

Doan: Ok Babe

-At Hospital-

Quinn: Hey, Out of the way, everyone, boomers having a baby!

Doan: An Long towels, this place we need to put the stuff for the baby

Doan: Where should we put all these stuff?

Boomer: Back in the car, we don't need it now?

Doan: What.

Small Akari & Tohru: Daddy, Mommy's having our baby sister?

Doan: Yes Honey's

(Boomer's Hospital Room Door Closes And Doan, Cletus And The Little Hiroshino Girls Waites Until They Hear A Baby Cry Then The Doctor Comes Out Of The Room)

The Doctor: Come On In Your Third Child Is Here

Doan: Joio

(Doan, Cletus And The Little Hiroshino Girls Goes Into Boomer's Hospital Room To See Boomer With Her Newborn Baby)

Little Akari: Hello Yuki I'm Akari

Little Tohru: And I'm Tohru

Both: Were Your New Sister's Little Sister

(The Baby Was Confused A Few Weeks Later The Baby Went Home Happy And Healthy Then Little Tohru Goes Into It's Room Were It Was Playing)

Little Tohru: Hello Yuki Enjoing Your Stay?

(Boomer Comes In)

Boomer: Oh Hi Sweetie That's Not Your Baby Sister Yuki That's Your Baby Brother Nick

Tohru: what

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