(Leila And Yippy Arives At Ninjoy's Wearhouse)

  • Ninjoy In Her Clay-Mask Half Asleep Yet Annoyed
  • Yippy Nick And Greg Awake In There Pajamas
  • The Quintuplets Waking Up
  • Utah Waking Up
  • Cooper, Fitz And The Jay Boys Waking Up

Leila: Ok Were At Ninjoy's Wearhouse Should I Knock Or Should You?

Yippy: We'll Both Knock

Leila: Ok

(Leila And Yippy Knocks On Ninjoy's Wearhouse Door Then Ninjoy's Bedroom Light Turns On Then Ninjoy Awnsers Her Door)

Ninjoy: I do not have any Cookies!

(Ninjoy slams the door)

Yippy: Still a mystery about that Boat, It's been there for days

Leila: But we can't go there. It's owned by somebody.

Yippy: I'm gonna call Nick and Greg

(After 1 minute)

Greg: Here I am, is there a mystery?

Yippy: Yes, A big one.

Nick:What happened?

Yippy:My cookies got stolen!

Nick: we did not steal any cookies.

Yippy:(hangs up) I'm going home. This is hopeless. ( goes home and walks into the living room and saw Prudence, Gremmie, and Pickle, Prudence's dog, eating the cookies on the floor!)

Gremmie: Hi, Yippy. Pickle randomly found some cookies and brought them to us and we didn't know who they belonged to...

Prudence: So we each ate one. You want one?

Yippy: THOSE ARE MY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gremmie: We're sorry! We're sorry!

Prudence: We will do anything!

Yippy: ANYTHING??????????????????????????????

Gremmie: Oh no....

Prudence: Can we go on the computer now?

Yippy:not until next week!

Gremmie: Awwww......

Pickle: BARK BARK!!!