Greg: You'll love this story!

Yippy: Yay!

Nick: What is it? Scary? Funny?

Greg: Nope, mystery!

(Nick is surprised)

Yippy: Yay!

Greg: It's called to Mystery of the Rotten Tomatoes! Okay, it was about dinnertime...

Gross Tomatoes

Mary: Dinner!

Greg: Yummy!  Tomatoes my-

(Mary gives Greg a plate of rotten tomatoes)

Greg: Are these really Tomatoes?

Cooper: C'mon, Dig in!

(everyone stares at Cooper)

Cooper: I feel sick..

(Cooper runs to the bathroom, Cooper can be heard vomiting)

Peggy: Mom? Did you mean to do this?

Mary: No! There freshy picked from the garden!

Robby: Only one way to tell.

(Robby smells the tomatoes)

Robby: They were picked yesterday, from our garden, I also smell, wild onion sauce and, an unknown spice...

Cooper: YOU! (points at James) YOU DID THIS!

James: What me? I didn't do this!

(Robby sniffs the tomatoes more)

Robby: Okay doesn't smell like it cupcakes. Cooper ate the tomatoes so, he's not the villian. It doesn't smell like us.

(real life)

Yippy: Sounds like Sarge Fan to me.

Nick: Ninjoy.

Greg: Nope, oh yeah, it's not Cooper's friends either. We went to find more clues..

To find out

Ninjoy: Xolo, we haven't done anything evil in a week! Wait, hold on.(to Erukias) Yes, come in.

(They come in)

Greg: Why is Xolo giving you a massege?

Ninjoy: We haven't done anything evill in a week!

Robby: She isn't lying, let's go.

(They leave)

Ninjoy: Now about last week...

(cuts to the family going home)

Greg: Nothing, noone was lying, they didn't do it, not even Cooper's friends!

Robby: Wait, these smell like the tomatoes from our garden.

(Radlynn is seen with tomatoes)

Greg: Stop!

Radlynn: What?

Greg: You stole our tomatoes!

Radlynn: Okay, I abmit, I did it, I putted Wild Onion Sauce and galric on the tomatoe which turns it rotten...I used the smell changer to make smell as if it was from your gardenso, here's your tomatoes.

Greg: Okay, okay, but why did you do this?

Radlynn: Well say a certain someone kicked me along with his friends.

Greg: Copper...

Cooper: Sorry...

Greg: Well, we got the tomatoes back!

(in real life)

Greg: And everyone lived happily ever after...

Nick: That was good!


The end