Mordecai: Inn-quay is a-hay eanie-may o-whay as-hay o-nay ability-hay o-tay ake-may iends-fray!

Trishna: Eah-yay! At-whay a-hay eak-fray!

Quinn: Grrr...

Mordecai: I think she deciphered our code...

Trishna: Uh-oh.

Mordecai: Run!

They start running.

Trishna: How is she keeping up with us?

Quinn: I have some spare time to go to the gym!

Mordecai: No! Go on without me!

Trishna: Okay!

Mordecai: (stops running)

Quinn: HA! Got you now!

Mordecai: NOOO!!!!! (snaps out of daydream) AAAHHH!!!! Oh, it was just a daydream. I liked that, I'm going back in.

Back in daydream...

Mordecai: Quinn, please!

Quinn: Hehehe... (morphs into Izzy)

Mordecai: Izzy? 

Izzy: Ha ha ha! I got you good!

Mordecai: Aww! I forgot you have shape-shifting powers! Pfftt, get your hair out of my mouth!

Izzy: Get your mouth out of my hair!

Mordecai: (gets out of daydream) Ah, that's better. Man, I forgot daydream Izzy has shape-shifting powers.