• Before Pauly was Starting sleepwalking
  • Sasha Before Hearing Big Pauly Munching Sounds
  • Sasha Sees Big Pauly Eating In His Sleep
  • Vicky Sleeping While Big Pauly Steals Her Food
  • Before Zoe wakes up
  • Zoe Hearing Big Pauly
  • The Wheeler Kids and Pet Asleep While Big Pauly Eats There Food
  • The Quintuplets Surprised The Kid Brigade And Pauly
S(we begin where where taylor and sasha were fast asleep then sasha hears something that makes her get up and goes down stairs)

Sasha:Who's there?

(Sasha sees Big Pauly eating her food)

Sasha:Big Pauly!Stop eating our Food!

(Kingsley Goes Down Stairs And Sees Pauly Eating His Food)

Kingsley: Hey Pauly What Are You Doing In My House Eating With Your Eyes Closed?

(Pauly Sleepswalks Out The Door)

Kingsley: He's Sleepwalking! Sasha Alica Kay Sense You Yelled At Him First You Go After Him!

Sasha: Yes Daddy

(Sasha Leaves The House In Her Pajamas To The Eureka's House Then When She Got There She Used Her Lader To Get Into Greg's Bedroom)

Sasha (Whispering): Greg Greg Oh Boss You Wake?

(Greg Wakes Up Seeing Sasha At His Window And Lets Her In)

Greg (Sleepy): What Is It Sasha?

Sasha: We Gotta Emergancy!

Greg: Tomato Land Closed?!?

Sasha: No

Greg: Lisa's Dad Is Singing Again?!?

Sasha: No

Greg: Penny's Dad Is Sleep Eating Again?

Sasha: Yes

Greg (Puts On His Hat): Call The Kids!

(Sasha Grins And Uses The Kid Brigade Caller To Call The Other Kids The Other Kids Hear The Noise And They Rush To Greg's House In There Pajamas)

The Kid Brigade (Exept Greg And Sasha): We Are Here!

Greg: Ok Kids We Got An Emergancy From Sasha!

Sarge Fan!: The Freezeria Is Out Of Gummy Onions?

Sasha: No

Nick: Marty, Alberto And Cooper Are Going To Kill Me?

Sasha: No

Utah: Penny's Dad Is Sleep Eating Again?

Sasha: Yep

(The Kid Brigade Leaves Greg's House In There Armor (Witch Is Achally Barrel's, Pot's, Meatel Strainer's, Pan's And Squirt Gun's And Heads Off To The Spot's House To See Pauly Entering There)

Lisa: Papi And Uncleys!

(The Kids Went Inside The Spot Household And Grabbed Pauly But In The Brothers Bedroom)

Franco: What The Heck Rico?!?

Rico: What I'm Right Beside You Franco (Hears Munching) I Hear Munching

They go into the kitchen.

Rico: Aw, what! I was gonna eat that later!

Clover: I'll try to wake him up. Utah, help me.

Utah: Okay.

Utah pours water over Pauly and Clover sprays whipped cream over him.

Big Pauly: Wah-huh? How did I get here?

Clover: You were sleep-eating again.

Big Pauly: Sorry. Won't happen again hopefully.

Clover: (whispering) Let's tie him in his bed just in case.

Utah: (whispering) Okay.

The kid Brigade tie up Big Pauly to his bed.

Big Pauly: Aw, lame.

Clover: Problem solved!