Plot (NOT TH- oh you know what I mean -_-)

OK, this is the 6th episode of High school lies, enjoy!


Rita: this is going to be perfect

Mary: The queen bee is going down!

Penny: guys let's not get to excited, I'm just going to talk to Alberto tomorrow.. I don't think this is such a good idea...

Mary: suuuuuuuuure -_-

  • bell rings*

Mary: That's the bell... Bye Rita! Come on Penny, english time!

Penny: OK! *follows Mary to AP English*

Mary: Come on, say something to him!

Penny: ugh, Ok!! Ok!! Hey Alberto!

Alberto: hey Penny! Did that ink come off alright?

Penny: yeah, thankfully.. *takes a seat*

Maggie: *sarcastically* Hey Penny, I'm like, SO sorry about yesterday!!

Penny: *turns around and looks at Maggie* Sure you are Maggie

Maggie: *scoffs*

Penny: So Alberto how are you?

Alberto: Pretty good, yourself?

Penny: yeah I'm pretty good...

Georgito: OK class, simmer down, simmer down. Today we are doing work with a partner. I am allowing you to chose, please don't make me regret my decision... I want work down here, people

Penny: *in head* Ask him, Ask him to be your partner, HURRY!!! *normal* Um... Al, partners?

Alberto: Oh sure!

Random guy 3# (He is pretty stupid): YO AL WUT UP PATNURRR

Alberto: Sorry, dude I already have one

Random guy 3# (He is pretty stupid: *looks at her* SHE PRITTY FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I LIKE PANCAKES AND  BTW YOU SMELL LIKE FISHSTICKS *dies in a random amount of time*

Alberto: O_O Glad he's finally gone :D

Georgito: Class class please listen for two more seconds. After you have a partner, come up to my desk and please take on of the criteria sheets off my desk once you have one you may read it right away and begin the project. Start working

Penny: Al, do want me to go grab us one?

Alberto: OK!

Penny: *takes one off the desk* *reads it* Ok, well it is a poetry analysis project. We each have to write a poem then give it to our partner to analyis

Alberto: Cool! Well I'm not really good at poetry

Penny: *laughs* Don't worry neither am i :)

Maggie: hey um, can you start working? i have to text somebody?

Random girl 3#: Um, OK?

Maggie: Don't worry, l only be a few seconds ;)

Text: To Brandi: OMG Brandi, Penny asked Alberto to be her partner in english and he said YES!!

Random Girl 3#: um are you done yet?

Maggie: NOOOO >:(

Text: To Maggie: WHAT?!?!? THAT FAT LOSER!! D:<

Text: To Brandi: WUT R WE GUNNA DO?

Random Girl 3#: *angry* UUUGH!!!! >:(

Text: To Maggie: IDK!!!!

Alberto: um, this project might take a while, it's do in a week

Penny: Yeah... we don't have much time.. hey would you like to come over to my house and we can finish it?

Alberto: yeah! sure!

Penny: OK, cool!

  • At lunch*

Mary: Oh

Rita: My

Mary and Rita: GOSH!

Rita: he is coming to your house, after school?

Mary: EEE!

Penny: Guys! Whta happened to staying cool?

Mary: sorry sorry!

Rita: See Penny he totally likes you

Penny: Um, no! this doesn't prove anything. We are just going to do a project, that's all

  • with the BDs*

Mindy: so what are you going to do?

Maggie: Yeah!!

Brandi: I don't know yet.. But if she thinks some stupid english project  is going to make him like her, she is very much mistaken. i have Al wrapped around my perfectly manicured fingers

Alberto: *comes* hey, do you want me to get you lunch?

Brandi: Point proven. No thanks, baby, I ate yesterday

Alberto: What? brandi, you have to eat everyday...

Brandi: Shut up... Do you want to come to the gym with me after school, baby?

Alberto: Um.. no actually, I can't I have to-


Alberto: i-i-I'm sorry!

Rita: hey um, pen Pen is that all you are going to eat? corn

Mary: you haven't been eating much in a while... are you OK?

Penny: yeah, yeah I am fine! I am just not that hungry.. that's all.. Besides I ate a big breakfas this morning


Penny: i'll eat this when I walk, Mom

Mom: You are walking? I thought you wanted me to drive you

Penny: I just wanted some excersice. I mean, fresh air! Bye! *closes door*

Penny: ... What should I do with this? hmm.. *throws it but it just hits a tree and reflects it and hits her face*

Penny: UGGH!! Well that was a lame throw... well good enough *leaves*

  • Back in the present*

Rita: Well if you say so...

  • At the BD's Table*

Brandi: i'm going to do it now, OK?

Mindy and Maggie: *giggle*

brandi: *walks up to Rita, Penny, and Mary* hey Penny! Have you had any luck?

Penny: with what?

Brandi: Your weight loss of course! Because it sure doesn't look like it

Penny: Excuse me?

Mary: What did you say to her?

Brandi: Shut up Miri, was I talking to you?

Rita: Her NAME is Mary!

Brandi: Like I care, anyways weiner dog, maybe you were just meant to have a little pudge!

Mary: WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL HER?!?! She's called a human being

Brandi: Looks like a sausage to me >:)

Penny: *runs away crying*

  • sees a mirror*

Penny: Is Brandi right? is what she said true?

Penny's Mirror Reflection: YES she is right! Just look at yourself, you legs, very disgusting.. look at your face... Look at yourself and hate it! you should...

Rita and Mary: Penny!!

Rita: Penny! Are you OK?

Mary: i can't believe what she said to you!

Penny: guys, stop it, I'm fine..

Mary: i can't believe she called you a........ weiner dog...

Rita: yah, and you don't believe anything she said about losing weight?

Mary: Pen Pen, you don't need to lose ANY weight, your body is perfect. That's not why you've been eating less is it?

Penny: No no! I'm just not that hungry these days... that's all.. I just been feeling sick that;s all...

Rita: oh! Is it a stomah bug?

Penny: yeah.. I think so.. But I'm starting to feel better, really.

Mary: OK

Rita: Good

  • After School*
  • Penny comes in with Alberto*

Mom: hello honey! Oh who is this?

Penny: This is Alberto, we are going to work on our English project

Alberto: Nice to meet you!

Mom: you too Alberto! Well I'll just be in the kitchen!

Penny: OK! Come on, Al, I'll show you my room

Alberto: OK! *follows her*

  • In Her room*

Alberto: Wow, this is really cute!

Penny: Really? Thanks!

Alberto: your welcome

Penny:  Soooooo....

Alberto: Should we work in here?

Penny: Sure! I'll get the stuff

Alberto: Ok!

Penny; Here we go!

Mom: *comes in with some caramel popcorn* Are you kids hungry? I brought a snack

Alberto: Thank you!

Penny: Yeah, thanks mom!

Mom: no problem! *leaves*

Alberto: yum! *brings some to Penny* Your mom's really nice!

Penny: Yeah, she does alot for me, I think I should thank her more

Alberto: Hey aren't you going to eat?

Penny: Oh, Nah, I'm not hungry

Alberto: Oh great, you are not doing that starving thing, are you? Brandi did it all the time, it was so annoying

Penny: Oh, no of course I'm not doing that! *eats*

Penny: Um.. ahem.. I'm just going to start working... *writes*

Alberto: Oh.. me too *writes*

  • writing*

Alberto: So um, what are you writing your poem about?

Penny: oh um.. I don't really know yet...

Alberto: Honestly I have no idea here is what I have so far  *shows her his "work*

Penny: *laughing*

Alberto: *laughing*

Penny: Well, we don't have to start working right away, we have a lot of time

Alberto: Yeah.. so tell em about yourself

Penny:  Really? I'm not that interesrting..

Alberto: you seem interesting, I want to know more about you

Penny: Ok, if you say so, OK, so I was homeschooled before I moved here...

  • With Brandi and Maggie*

Brandi: *on the phone with Maggie* ALBERTO WHAT?!?!

Maggie: I know right? I'm so sorry, brandi, I overherd those losers talking about-

Brandi: *screams really loud*

Maggie: I agree!

Brandi: i cannot believe this! Al turned down going to the gym with me to work on a stupid english project with her?

Maggie: I know right? So are you going to talk to him 'bout it?

Brandi: NO! That will make me seem mean like I don't trust him. you know what.. It doesn't matter there is no way he would even fall for her. Who wouldn't pick over that.... sausage>

Maggie: ............


Maggie: Oh! You are like, so hotter!

Brandi: Your so sweet! I know I am. Wait, I have an idea!

Maggie: Hey how much calories does a rice cake have? I think I've eaten like, 3...


Maggie: um... no...

Brandi: UUUGGGH!!! You are so stupid! Why do I even hang out with you? Good riddance! *hangs up*

Maggie: BRANDI! WAIT!!!! is this thing on?

  • With Penny and Aberto*

Penny: ... Everyone was so nice, it seemed like everyone understood me well, they still do. This school's different too, it has so many cliques and everyone is so glamorous. I feel like I can't believe we actually used ot be best friends, but I won't talk about that.. I don't want to say mean things since she's your girlfriend.

Alberto: I've never met anyone like you, it's like you understand me! Captain of the football tema and all. but that doesn't make me a stereo-typical jock.......


Mom: *comes in* Oh my what a mess!

Penny: Sorry mom!

Mom: It's quite all right, anyways dinner is ready, Alberto would you like to stay for dinner?

Alberto: Of course!

Mom: I hope you like vegetarian food

Alberto: Sounds delicious :)

Mom: OK! both you go wash up! *leaves*

Penny: you go ahead, I have to use the bathroom

Alberto: OK!

Penny: *goes into bathroom* *in head* What do I do? if I don't eat everyone will notice that I am on a diet, then I will have to make up more excuses. Ugh, do I really look that fat? I look disgusting... Should I just eat? I can't come to suspicious, Mom has been on ym case lately. I am really hungry.. Ok I'll just eat. *goes downstairs*

Dad: Ah, there she is! Dig in everyone!

  • everyone eating (even Penny)*

Alberto: this is delicious!

Mom: Thank you Al, I'm glad you like it :)

Dad: Ah, I'm glad to see you are eating, Penny

Penny: Daaad!!

  • ringtone plays*

Dad; Um, is that mine?

Alberto: oh, I'm so sorry that's mine!

Mom: it's OK, honey it happens alot at our table, go ahead and pick it up

Alberto: So sorry, it's probbably my mom *leaves to answer the phone*

Mom: Penny, that boy is so nice, do you like him?

Penny: Mom!! Stop it! We're just friends!

Dad: if you say so!

Penny: Ugh! Both of you, don't embarass me!

Alberto: *comes back* Oh, I'm really sorry to rush out like this but I have to go! thank you so much for inviting me over!

Mom: oh it was no problem!

Penny: Wait! I'll walk you out!

  • after they leave*

Dad: She likes him

Mom: totally!

  • outside with Al and Penny*

Alberto: um.. I had a lot of fun, Penny, even if we didn't get much work done..

Penny: Yeah, me too

Alberto; you know Penny, we should do this more often...

Penny: Alberto I think I have something to tell you...

Alberto: i have something to tell you, Penny...

  • ringtone comes on again*

Alberto: Oh.. sorry one second..

penny: Oh, yah no problem!

Alberto: *picks up phone* hello?.... oh hi Brandi.... Can't you tell me now....... In person....... Yeah, taht works out, I have something to tell you too........ OK, bye *hangs up* Sorry about that..

Penny: That's OK!.. new phone?

Alberto: Yeah, I was having trouble with the old one...

Penny: Oh, I see... So what what was it you wanted to tell me?

Alberto: Well, I'd love to tell you, but I have to do something first. OK, I'll come find you tomorrow, after I done what I need to do and I will tell you

Penny: Fair enough, I guess I'll tell you mine then, too

Alberto: Sounds like a date! Well, I better go Penny, see you around!

Penny: Bye Alberto, see you around :)