Mitch's bad dream

Nick Can Overhear Mitch In His Sleep

(In Mitchs Bad Dream)

Mitch: Nick Nick?

(He Hears Nick's Scream)

Mitch: NICK!!!

(Mitch Sees Nick Dead With Blood And Sees Marty, Alberto And Cooper With Murdering Tools With Nick's Blood On Theme)

Mitch: How Could You?

(Marty, Alberto And Cooper Killes Thereselfs)

Mitch: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????????????????????????

(Mitch Starts Crying And Screaming And He Wakes Up Coutinuing When He Sees Nick And Stops)

Mitch: Hi Nick What Are You Doing Here?

Nick: Your In The Guest Bedroom Of My House I Discovered Ya Half Beaten In My Driveway

Mitch: Sorry Nick I Must Of Screamed In My Sleep

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