Tohru and mindy

The bus falling into the water.

Mindy sings with Marty, Robby, Clover and Allan

Robby stops to say about their beach vacation

Robby: Lets take the Kid brigade to the Tastyville beach tomorrow!

Mindy: Yeah! That might be fun, When I was in the kid brigade, I was very smart!

Marty: Lets just go to bed... -_-

In Mindys bad dream:

Mindy: (Singing while doing hair)

Vicky: Hey Amanda, I'm going to the mall so I wont be back 'til 5:00 PM.

Mindy: Mom it's Mindy not Amanda O.k?

Vicky: Whatever...-_-

In the bus

Nick: Lets throw grapefruit around

Tohru: Oh no you don't!

Greg: Stop her!

(Tohru gets killed by Nick's swiss knife)

Every other kid in the bus: Greg and Nick killed Tohru! Oh no!

Marty: What?

The bus crashes into the bridge wall

Everyone: Ahh!!!!!

Everyone sees a boat

Robby: To the boat!

Allan: Oh no, Don't ever go near that one!

Robby: Who cares?

(Robby sinks)

Mindy: Wheres is Robby?

(They all sink,except Greg、Nick and few other.)

Vicky:(Come with her Jetpack)Oh My God!but I guess Amanda and Her friends still alive.

(but jump out of the water(This……Orz!),except Robby who replace by another he.)


Mindy:My name is Mindy.

Ninjoy coming with 

Ninjoy : Xandra and Xolo, meet our newcomers, Greg, Nick and Tessero.

(Mindy Wakes Up In Horror Then Breaths Hardley)

Mindy: Robby! Allan! Marty!

(Robby Allan And Marty Wakes Up)

The Guy's: What's The Matter Mindy?

Mindy: I Had A Bad Dream That Nick Killed His Sister and then Greg and Nick joined the Dark Force Brigade before he commited it

Allan: I've Seen Nick He Will Never Carry A Swiss Knife and Kill His Sister or him and greg joining the dark brigade Beacuses his Parents Will Kill Him If He Kills Her or if his parents see him or greg joining the dark force brigade or whatsitthingy

Marty: Blech Nick A Stupid Fatty

Robby: Why Do You Hate Nick Marty?

Marty: Becuses He Videoed My Mother!!

Robby: Well My Bro Cooper Hates Him Becuses He Viewed Greg My Little Bro Asleep Not To Mention He Viewed My Sister Asleep.

(Allan Puts His Hand On Mindy's Face)

Allan: It Will Be Ok Now You Can Go Back To Sleep Now

Mindy: Ok

(Mindy Lays Down And Goes To Sleep Then Allan, Marty and Robby Goes Back To Bed And Marty and Robby Falls Asleep Allan Turns Off The Light And He Goes To Sleep)

(back in the dream)

Ninjoy : do your thing

(greg nick and tessero morph back into derangio)

Mindy : Derangio

Tohru (newly revived by father of the time) : If hes in their where are the real greg and nick

(ninjoy shows a duct taped greg nick and tessero)

French Narrator : ONE DAY EARLIER

Mary : Greg, I'm taking you to Gian's

Greg : Gian, he has been evil ever since that time machine explosion after many attempts of him to get arrested kayla is always bossy saying under 18's "cant be arrested". I would rather eat brussel sprouts

Mary : Sorry, I have to attend an art meeting

Greg : Can I come with you

Mary : No, It's over 18's only

Gian : Hi Greg, your gonna have so much fun with your best friend Nick and Tessero

Derangio : You'll love it so much

(in gian's house)

Gian : Derangio, what's the plan

Derangio : Rob a VHS Rental Store

Greg and Nick : their gonna rob a vhs store someone call hank or quinn

Gian : Handle these to guys

Derangio grabs them

Derangio : Gotcha now!

(Mindy Wakes Up Again But This Time Does Not Scream)

Mindy: I Gotta Make Myself Some Tea

(Mindy Goes Into Her Kitchin And Makes Herself Some Tea Then Robby Wakes Up And Goes Into The Kitchin To Get Some Whale Crackers)

Robby: Mindy What's Wrong

Mindy: The Dream Coutinued Robby Derangio Was Greg, Nick And Tessero This Whole Time

(Allan And Marty Comes In)

Robby (While Eating Whale Crackers): Really?

Mindy: Yep

(Vicky's Car Was Pulling Though The Drive Way)

Vicky: Mindy I'm Home Hey Why Did You Leave The Door Open? (Sees Robby, Marty And Allan)

Mindy: Welcome Home Mom

(Marty Robby And Allan Screams Like Women)

Vicky: Uhh, What was that?

Mindy: Just one of those screechy toys in the attic

Vicky:Uh,alright,but i did‘t has jetpack.

Narrator:The Next Day night.

Mindy continue her Bad Dream

Grey&Nick:Mwahahaha,we kidnapped Robby!

Mindy:But Robby is here!

Fake Robby:Ra!(mean Fuck You!)

Mindy:You suck(Knocked Fake Robby with a Baseball Bat)

Fake Robby explodes

Ninjoy:All Right!you win,Robby is there(point same boat before they sinks.)

Robby is launch by Cannon


Mindy:Too good!(hug Robby)

Everyone except Mindy、Robby、Greg、Nick、Ninjoy and Deranjio:Hooray

Mindy wake up with her laugh.

Mindy:Oh,too good.