(In Mary's Bad Dream)
  • James Comforting Mary
  • Greg After Waking Up

Mary: Wow What I Giant Cerrial Bowl

(Mary's Dead Husbends Return Angry With Her)

Mary: Babes What...How

(Mary's Dead Husbend's Sprays Her With Hot Scauce)


(Mary Wakes Up And Then James Came In Her Bedroom)

James: What's Wrong Sis Why Did You Scream?

Mary: Oh James It's You. I Had The Most Scaryest Nightmare Ever

James: Well It's Ok Now It Was Just A Bad Dream But Please Go Back To Sleep Before You Wake Up The Kids

(Greg Comes In The Bedroom)

Greg: Ma? Uncle James What's Going On?

(James Picks Up Greg And Puts Him Into Bed With Mary)

James: You Two Go Back To Sleep I'll See You Both In The Morning

(James Leaves The Room And Greg Goes To Sleep Then Mary Smiles)

Mary: I Love You Greggy

(Kisses Him)

Mary: Good night!

(Mary dreams again)

Mary: What!? Hank!? I know..

Hank: How dare you!

Mary: AH!

Hank: You.. You just.. 

Mary: I'M SORRY..

(back in dream)

Mary: I SHALL KILL NINJOY! (kills Ninjoy)

Ninjoy: I am alive! (gets a knife and kills Mary)


(Wakes Up and Says Eww Very Loud that Woke Up everyone!)


Mary: I had a bad dream where Ninjoy killed me.

Mary: Can I sleep with you?

Hank: Yep.