Marty crying

Marty Crying After His Bad Dream

Sue: Marty! Time For Bed

Marty goes upstairs to the bedroom

Marty: *YAAAWN*

Clover: Night Big Brother (clover goes to sleep)

marty sleeps

Marty in dream: It's my day off from the burgeria!

Ninjoy: Xandra! Let's go trick People at the burgeria by disguising as Marty and putting bombs and knives in burgers *cackles*

Xandra: I'll dress up. Give me the shurikens and bombs!

Xandra goes to the burgeria

Big Pauly: I want a burger.

Xandra: *Makes Burger with Bombs*

Big Pauly: Mmmm Marty! *Explodes*


Marty goes to the burgeria: WTF? I didn;t clone!

Xandra makes a burger with a shuriken

Marty: Mmmmm *Swallows Shuriken* Oh Crap! Dies with blood all over

Marty awake: AAhh! Oh god I'm alive

Clover: What Happen Marty?

Marty: Xandra and Ninjoy stuffed a ninja star in a burger and I died!

Sue: Marty! Clover! What Happen?

Marty: I Had A Bad Dream Ma

Clover: May I Sleep Near You Big Bro? You Might Want Someone To Sleep With You After Your Bad Dream.

Marty: Ok Clov But Stay On The Other Side Of The Bed

(Clover Gets In Bed With Her Brother And Falls Asleep Then Marty Falls Asleep Then Clover Kisses Marty And Clover On The Cheeks Then Goes To Her Room To Sleep)