In Pancakeria

Mandi: "I want 3 blueberry pancakes, whipped cream, and raspberries."

[Cooper gives Mandi Solary a plate containing "YOU SUCK"]

Cooper: "That's what you deserve."

Mandi: Ok, i don't know!

Cooper: "You deserve everything you get that's horrible."

Mandi: ok Cooper please shut up and do my panckes!

Cooper: "You should've thought about it before you gave me a plate of wasabi sauce and covered me in wasabi sauce."

Mandi: Sorry for that, i have to go home quickly, i have a family

Cooper: "It does not matter."

Mandi: please, shut up!!

Cooper: "I'm gonna call Quinn."

[Cooper calls quinn]

Voice on Phone: "Hello?"

Cooper: "Hello, this is Cooper Eureka. Yesterday, I went to wingeria and Mandi Solary gave me a plate of wasabi sauce."

Voice on Phone: "OK. Quinn the lawyer will arrive in a few moments."

[3 minutes later]

Quinn: "Hello, lady. Tell me your name."

Mandi: "Mandi Solary."

Quinn: "GO TO COURT!"

Mandi: Why????


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