Maggie really wants to date Mitch but Mitch dates Mindy so Maggie pulls Mindy's hair so hard that Sue and Vicky caught her red handed.


Maggie: Here I go... (pulls Mindy's hair)

Mindy: OWW! (punches Maggie in the brain)

Maggie: Ehh.. I feel dizzy.. (faints)  

maggie: (opens her eyes a bit) ughh.... huh?

sue: we saw what you did there.

vicky: yeah. why did you pull mindy's hair? And if you don't answer right away, we can call hank, the sheriff.

maggie: eh.. all I was doing was.......... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (runs away from vicky and sue)

sue and vicky: come back here! ( vicky tries to run, but goes very slow since she is obese, and sue trips over

her untied shoelace.)

maggie: whew, that was close.

gremmie: HI MAGGIE!!!

maggie: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (runs away)