Warning! This is a very nothing story so ignore the warning sing you just read.

(in her bad dream)

Maggie: I'm going to Wingeria to order my favourite meal.

(Goes into Wingeria)

Maggie: Hi Mandi! Can I have 4 teriyaki strips on the left, 4 celeries all around and a kung pao dip?

Mandi: Ok!

Mandi: Maggie hates BBQ sauce so I'll add just BBQ sauce on her whole plate.

( adds BBQ sauce on the plate again and again and again and again)


(Maggie angrily puts Teriyaki sauce on her again and again)

Mandi: I'm gonna take a shower

Maggie: I'm going home

Penny and the other employees: we'll put BBQ sauce on Maggie

(every employee spreads BBQ sauce on Maggie again and again)


(Maggie wakes up)

Marty: Maggie I can hear your screaming in the hallway!

Maggie: Sorry had a bad dream

Marty: well you can come in my room if you want.

(Maggie goes in marty's bedroom)

Maggie: Good Night Marty

Marty: Good Night Maggie

(the lights went out and marty and maggie go to sleep)

The End