The Eurekas House&nbsp

Skyler: Time for our holiday!

James: Everyone! Listen up! We have all decided that if you wish you can take someone with you on our holiday to Calypso Island!

Cooper: Prudence!

Robby: The Razburgs live there, so noone for me.

Greg: Same

Peggy: Roy!

Mary: Skyler?

Skyler: I once had a boyfriwnd called Alberto but I don't know what happened to him.

Peggy: He works on Calypso Island. With his girlfriend Penny.

Robby: Sam has a crush on Penny as well


-The Haddon's-

Sam: I'm going to Calypso Island

Davey: Why?

Sam: I wanna eat at Papa's Freezeria

Leila: It's about that worker you fancy isn't it

Marco:She is taken


Marco: Calm down Bro it's just a girl.

Rick: Love Matters You know Marco.

Leila: True...

Harriet: You know Uncle Sam, you marrying her could make us related to everyone in town!

Marco: Even Jojo!

Rick: And Foodini!

Sam: I need time alnoe...

-Calypso Island

I know the best way to win

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