In the Pizzeria: Roy was busy with the valentine orders, such pink or heart shaped pizzas. "I would like to order pink sauced, heart shaped pizza with sweet sausages on it please." said Cherissa on the phone. Roy struggled to hear Tony make his order as Roy himself was flipping a pizza with one hand, sprinkling black olives on a cheesed pizza, and attempted to keep the phone on his shoulder to his ear while doing all that. By this time, Roy should have gotten used to the business pandemonium, but he could never get all done in the amount of time his uncle could. "Oh by the way, send two pink milkshakes will you?" Roy managed to mutter a small "Uh huh." "WHERE'S MY PIZZA!!!!!" yelled Allan as he jumped out of the line. "Ahhhh!!!!" Roy shouted as everything he was carrying with on him fell down with him. He groaned on the floor. "Whoa, are okay?" said Tony, looking very concerned. "I'll think I'll survive." said Roy, rubbing his sore head.

In Burgeria: Rita and Marty were dishing out red patties and pink buns faster then the speed of light. (Almost.) "You ain't so bad at flipping the patties brownie." sneered Marty. "You don't seem so horrible at building the toppings either yourself Spike." Rita shot one back. "Ahem." The two of them turned to face Marty's sister, Clover. She had a bored exspression on. "Are you two lovebirds done bickering yet? And when do I get my burger?" "Sis!? Me love her? Gross..." Marty said. "Well that's the One thing I agree on with him. Bleah!" Rita stuck her tongue.

At the Taco Mia: It was Maggie's and Mitch's paid day off, and like all their paid days, they spent it doing one against one Taco competion. Ever since they both found out they both were equally excellent at eating tacos, they were spending every free day off competing to see who was the Taco Champ. Unfortunately, the competion always went on until the paid day off was over, or they both stop at the same time. This time, they both swore it would not be a tie. "Ready," said Sue, Maggie's older sister. "Steady, GO!!!"

At the Freezeria: It was lunch break for the two sole workers of the Freezeria, Penny and Alberto. They had worked hard for long hours and days, and they deserved a long lunch break. Alberto whipped up a smooth blended chocolate and strawberry smoothie with chocolate and strawberry syrup. He put fluffy, light whipped cream on. And to top it off, two bananas and a cherry. Penny smiled as he brought it over to their table. She kissed his cheek as he blushed pink as the strawberry syrup. They both drank from the same smoothie while looking in love. (Not the smoothie.)