Kenji: Thanks. I love it!

(Taylor, Peggy and the Custom Workers finish the shift.

Taylor: Hey, I might go get some Purple Burple!

Custom Worker 9: Taylor! No! Silly people like Mindy order it! It makes people burp until they get medicine!

(Taylor runs off to the Pop Station)

Taylor:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (starts burping)

Peggy: Taylor, come and look at what happened!

(Taylor sees Mary's crashed Sports SUV and a dead Mary)

Taylor: God! (faints)

Peggy: It killled Custom Worker 4!

(Peggy runs over to Mary)

Peggy: Mom? Are you alive?

(Mary wakes up)

Mary: Yes. I'm alive. I need Cooper to come take me home.

(At the Pancakeria the phone starts ringing)

Prudence: Who could that be?

Cooper (cooking pancakes): Just answer it for me.

Prudence: No.

Cooper: Yes.

Prudence: No.

Cooper: Yes.

Prudence: Ok.

(Prudence answers phone)

Mary: It's Mary. Can you get Cooper?

Prudence: He's cooking pancakes.

Mary: I need you to come pick me up at the Hot Doggeria. I had a crash.

Prudence: Ok. I need to take Cooper's car.

Prudence: Cooper, can I use your car?

Cooper: Yes. But give it back.

Prudence (driving car): Gotta get some petrol!

(The car breakes down in the middle of the road)

Prudence: Dang it. Bertha, can I use your tow truck?

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