One day, Skyler and Cooper were fighting over a pancake ( made by Prudence, so no one can resist it.)

Cooper: I NEED IT!

Skyler: Make yourself a pancake! You work at the Pancakeria too!

Cooper: She's my girlfriend!

Skyler: *GASP* I know what we can do! Super smash bros battle to the death! Winner gets pancake!

Cooper: You are ON.

(in front of the TV)

Skyler: I'm going to kill you!

Cooper: No you aren't! ( gets knocked of the edge of the platform by  Skyler) Oh, shoot.

Skyler: AHA!


Peggy: You two have been playing that for 5 hours!

Cooper: Yeah, mom. I think Peggy was in charge.

Peggy: You're not even listening to me! And I'm NOT your mom! I'm your sister!

Skyler: Yeah, maybe later.

Peggy: I'm telling mom. ( Peggy goes into the kitchen ) Mom! Cooper and Skyler have been playing video games for five hours! Seriously!

Mary: I thought they were cleaning their room.

Peggy: They AREN"T!

Mary: Ok,ok. I'll go see. ( Goes into living room ) OH MY! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS WHOLE TIME? ( she sees plenty of emty  potato chip bags,and soda cans.)

Cooper: I didn't do it.

Mary: ( turns off Wii ) You two are NOT allowed to play video games for a week!

Skyler: We can live off of video games!

Cooper: Yeah! And we just needed to find out who would get the pancake!

Mary: Well, I'm sorry, because...

Skyler and Cooper: Why?

Mary: Well, because... Peggy and I ate it 3 hours ago.

( Skyler and Cooper have a blank expression on their faces )