(Lisa Is Seen Lying In Bed Without Alberto, Rita, And Cecilia)
  • The Episode Title
  • Lisa Is To Worried To Sleep
  • The Quintuplets Misses There Oldest's
  • Alberto, Cecilia and Rita (In brazil) Miss Lisa

Lisa: (sigh) Oh My It's Quiet. Older Cousins Are In Brazil Celebrating My Late Aunt Petunia's Death. Very Sad Because Of Mrs. Eureka. (sigh,then starts singing) I'm Alone, I'm Worried, I'm Alone, I'm Worried, Older Cousins Are Away, Papi Is Asleep, And I'm Alone And Worried.

(In The Quintuplets Bedroom Franco Was Asleep When He Heard Lisa's Song)

Franco: Lisa Is Still Up I Padre Franco Will Get Out Of Bed To Relax Her To Sleep

(Franco Comes In The Children's Room To See A Alone Lisa)

Franco: Lisa! Are You Alright Me Hija?

Lisa: Hija Ok

Franco: Well That's Good (hugs lisa) You Miss Your Cousins Do You?

Lisa: Yeah

Franco: Well It's Ok Try Getting To Sleep. Buenas Noches Hija

Lisa: Buenas Noches Papi

(Franco Goes Back Into Bed With His Brothers)

Kahuna: Well?

Franco: Lissie Misses Berto, Rita And Cecillie

Georgito: So Do We

All Five Quintuplets: (starts crying)

(In Brazil Alberto, Cecilia And Rita Looks At The Sun Then Starts Frowning)

Cecilia: Berto I Miss Carlo

Rita: And I Miss Maggie

Alberto: Well I Miss Penny And Lisa

Cecilia And Rita: We Miss Lisa To

Alberto: To Make Us Feel Better We'll Go Home Early Tomorrow To Surprise Lisa, Pop, And Uncles

Cecilia And Rita: Yeah

(The Next Day Early At Seven In The Morning Alberto, Cecilia And Rita Returns In Cecilia's Car Then They Left The Car And Went Inside There Bedroom To See A Still Asleep Lisa)

Rita: Lisa Wake Up

(Lisa Wakes Up And Sees Alberto, Cecilia And Rita)

Lisa: Older Cousins!!!