(in her bad dream)

Leila: Where is my Cut The Rope CD? (she doesn't see it) Ninjoy must have stole it!

Ninjoy: (laughs manic) Let's see if you can take this! (takes out a collection of syrups, and squirts them at Leila)

Leila: No please! Nooooooooooooooo!!! (screaming and crying)

Ninjoy: This should teach you a lesson for not playing Cut The Rope.

Leila: What? You stole my Cut The Rope?

Ninjoy: You shouldn't play Cut The Rope too long, you video game addict!

Leila: I am not addicted with Cut The Rope! I am in love with Cut The Rope! (crying)

(Leila wakes up crying)

Wendy And Kahuna: What's Wrong Babe?

Leila: I had a bad dream where Ninjoy stole my Cut The Rope CD.

Wendy: Don't worry, your Cut The Rope is safe.

Leila: I'm going back to sleep.

Wendy: Night, honey. (Wendy And Kahuna Leaves And Leila Goes Back To Sleep)