Leila is a young girl who likes to play Cut The Rope. She is Wendy and Kahuna's oldest child. Her Real Name Is Leila Luna Spot. She is one of the cutie pies along with Gustavo .

Leila In Her Normal Clothes And Pj's


Pizzeria: 6 green peppers, 6 onions, 30 minutes, cut in 8.

Burgeria: bottom bun, well done patty, cheese, onion, mustard, top bun.

Burgeria HD: bottom bun, well done patty, swiss cheese, bacon, onion ring, awesome sauce, top bun.

Taco Mia!: pita, pork, peppers, verde sauce, jalapenos, black beans, loco mystery sauce.

Freezeria: large rainbow sherbet (if not unlocked will be mint) with pineapples, chunky blend, whipped cream, blueberry syrup, mint shavings, mint shavings.

Pancakeria: 3 pecan waffles, whipped cream, sugar, cinnamo

Leila with a Cut the rope shirt (CUSTOM!!)

n, honey. drink: cranberry juice in large cup with ice.

Wingeria: 3 parmesan wings, 3 teriyaki wings, 3 wasabi wings, awesome dip, mango chili dip, kung pao dip, zesty pesto dip.

Her favorite food is mint shavings.

Likes: Cut The Rope, Mint Shavings, Rainbow Sherbet Syrup, Pineapples

Dislikes: When Ninjoy steals her Cut The Rope CD

Friends: Clover, Nick, Yippy

Enemies: Xandra, Xolo, Ninjoy


Papa's Pizzeria: 21 (HARD)

Papa's Burgeria: 43 (CHALLENGING)

Papa's Burgeria HD: 44

Taco Mia!: 35 (HARD)

Freezeria: 11 (EASY)

Pancakeria: 42 (before Papa Louie) (CHALLENGING)

Wingeria: 24 (MEDIUM)

Leila's Relation With Her Father And Uncles

She Has Her Fathers Fog Horn Voice, Her Uncle Rico's Chili Making, Her Uncle Franco's Happieness And Her Uncle Hugo's Kindness To Yippy.