(in his dream)

Kingsley: Where am I? Why am I tied to a rope?

(Kingsley cuts the rope. He falls into a bucket of candy)

Kingsley: And why did I fall into this bucket of candy?

(Om Nom comes in)

Om Nom: I want to eat all this!

Kingsley: Wait, this is not Cut The Rope! Don't eat me! I am not a piece of candy!

(Om Nom eats him)

Kingsley: What the? Oh no!

(Om Nom spits him out)

Om Nom: This does not taste very good.

(Kingsley Wakes Up In Terror)

Kingsley: Ugh I Should Make Myself Something To Drink

(Kingsley Goes Into The Kitchin And Makes Himself A Cup Of Cranberry Juice Then Clair Wakes Up And Goes Into The Kitchin)

Clair: Baby?

Kingsely: I had a bad dream and I wanna get some cranberry juice

Clair (Puts Arm Around Kingsley's Neck): It's Ok Baby (kisses him)

(Clair And Kingsley Goes Back Up Stairs And Get's In Bed And Snuggles Together And They Go To Sleep)

The End