Clover: Let's pull a prank on Kayla.

Marty: OK, what shall we do?

Clover: I got an idea. (gets a whipped cream can)

(Clover sees Kayla outside, laying down. She sprays a line of whipped cream)

Kayla: (wakes up, sees what happened) You just ruined my pink dress! (cries)

Clover: Well, I'm sorry!

Kayla: (angry) You're sorry?! I have to go to beauty pageant in 10 minutes!

Clover: I just can't help myself!

Kayla: Were you going to beauty pageant? (sprays cream at Clover) Well, you don't deserve to go! You're gonna have to pay for ruining my dress!

Clover: How much does your dress cost?

Kayla: $555,123!

(Clover gives Kayla $555,123)

Kayla: Now, I have to go find another dress, and I will be late!

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