(Inside Kahuna's Bad Dream)

Kahuna: Why Wendy? Why?

Wendy: Becuses Your To Angry

Kahuna: I Don't Care If You'll Divorce Me For A Handsome Spanish Man I'll Still Love You

Wendy: Not Any More Kahuna Pino Spot Were Done

Kahuna: But...

Wendy: NO BUTS!

(Kahuna Starts Crying And He Woke Up Crying)

Kahuna: Wendy!

(Wendy Wakes Up)

Wendy: What's Wrong Baby?

Kahuna: I Had A Bad Dream That We Got A Divorce For A Handsome Spanish Man!

Wendy: (Gasps) I Would Never Do That! Your My Handsome Spanish Man

Kahuna: Thanks Wait Huh?

Wendy: Ever Sense We Got Married I Swear Not To Fall For Any Handsome Spanish Man Including The Ones In Spain But Alberto He Looks A Handsome Spanish Man But He's 17 Year Old.

Kahuna: Awww Thank You Sweetie Bell Your Always Be My Salve And Wife

(Kahuna Kisses Wendy On The Lips)

Kahuna: Good Night Wendy

Wendy: Good Night Sweetumes

(The End)

  • Kahuna Crying After His Bad Dream To Wendy